5th December 2018

One of our most popular requests is now live πŸŽ‰

Skip steps in the process when creating a post. With the right permissions, you can now…

  • Add as approved. No need to approve your own posts now
  • Send for approval now - Add the post as a pending state, which also notifies the approver

Minor updates

  • Various under the hood code changes
  • Improvements to hashtag list and Category Tag list (better scrolling and search)

Next up

  • Facebook Page tagging
  • Automated Billing. Scale your Calendars and Users up or down without having to get in touch

One thing we forgot to share

  • A few weeks back we added the ability to send videos to Instagram. Sorry, we forgot to add this into the release notes

New Beta

New Permission: Edit + Approve

New Permission: Edit + Approve The Edit + Approve Permission will allow an easier workflow for teams who need their Clients to approve and edit content (often with a multi-step approval flow) but do not want to assign them the Moderator permission.

Coming soon

  • Project Orion πŸ’« : A load of new posting and collaboration features
  • Project Americana πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ : New features + improvements for the US market
  • API for connecting 1000's of apps to ContentCal
  • Android app