December 18 2019

ContentCal 2.2 ⛄️


🖼 Instagram Grid

Plan out your future Instagram content, and see how your images will display together. Re-arrange your posts from within the Grid View.

Psst! If you use Zapier for Instagram posting and therefore use a Planning Channel, you can assign this Channel to the Instagram Grid by selecting it within Setup.

Available on all paid plans.


📱 Master social on the move with ContentCal on mobile

ContentCal is officially optimized for mobile use. Add and approve posts or check on your content using List View.


🐦 Twitter Mentions

Enter a @ into your Twitter post and select your chosen handle from the dropdown menu.



💬 Facebook Comments are now part of Respond.

Reply to the comments you get on your posts. Request access to ContentCal Respond via this form


🌈 Content Hub: Added Filters to Previous Posts

We've listened to your feedback and made it quicker and easier to find posts for certain Channels or by certain Authors.

💅 Re-design of the post layout on smaller screens

Sometimes the layout of posts looked a bit funky in Week + Month views when using smaller screens. We've tweaked the design here to make actions larger and clearer.

That's it for now folks. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year 🎉🎉🎉