17th April 2019

A few goodies ahead of the Easter break...

Connect to over 1000 apps by connecting ContentCal to Zapier

Here are just a few examples of what you can do...

  • Star a Slack message and have that message appear in your ContentCal Pinboard
  • Add your favourite Pocket articles straight to ContentCal
  • Push your content out to different services such as Pinterest, Hubspot, Trello and many, many more.

The ContentCal app is available now on Zapier via Early Access. You can connect here: https://zapier.com/apps/contentcal/integrations

Custom header colours

You can now add a touch of personality to each Calendar by setting a custom header colour. To choose a new colour, head to 'Setup' and find 'Custom Navigation Colour'. If you aren't digging the pre-selected colours, you can add your own HEX code.

We've made inviting people much easier

1) You can now invite someone to your Organisation and add them to Calendars at the same time. The default permission here will be Creator, but you can adjust this to any permission from Members + Approvals.

2) If you invite someone to ContentCal, but they sign up via our website and not the invitation link, ContentCal will now automatically join that person with your Organisation.

New media uploader

As you've probably noticed already, our media uploader is looking fresh! It now comes with built-in integrations, meaning you can upload media from a range of sources including Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, Webcam and many more.