12th December 2018

New Beta

'Approver who can edit' permission

If you would like this activated, please sign up to our Beta form: https://www.contentcal.io/betas

Small updates

  • We now display Calendars in alphabetical order on the Dashboard. A simple but commonly requested change.
  • We've made some minor code updates to saving campaigns
  • Fixed an issue which caused some Post Prevew templates to stretch images (thanks for reporting this Charlie!)
  • Various under the hood code refinements.

Next up

  • Facebook Page tagging
  • We're moving to a new Video solution
  • Automated Billing. Scale your Calendars and Users up or down without having to get in touch

Coming soon

  • Project Orion πŸ’« : A load of new posting and collaboration features
  • Project Americana πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ : New features + improvements for the US market
  • API for connecting 1000's of apps to ContentCal
  • Android app