Update on Twitter GIF's

Due to a couple of different reasons, from today we have set a new limit on GIF's to 4MB for posting to Twitter. This update, although more limiting, will significantly reduce the likeliness of posts containing GIFs being rejected by Twitter.

For transparency, in the upcoming weeks, we will be changing our provider for Image + Video uploads. With this change, we are likely going to be able to increase the limit for GIF's again, along with introducing better compression rates for larger videos.

Our new uploader will feature many new features, including the ability to add media directly from Instagram feeds, Google images, Dropbox and other solutions for customers on paid plans.

-The Product Team.

5th December 2018

One of our most popular requests is now live 🎉

Skip steps in the process when creating a post. With the right permissions, you can now…

  • Add as approved. No need to approve your own posts now
  • Send for approval now - Add the post as a pending state, which also notifies the approver

Minor updates

  • Various under the hood code changes
  • Improvements to hashtag list and Category Tag list (better scrolling and search)

Next up

  • Facebook Page tagging
  • Automated Billing. Scale your Calendars and Users up or down without having to get in touch

One thing we forgot to share

  • A few weeks back we added the ability to send videos to Instagram. Sorry, we forgot to add this into the release notes

New Beta

New Permission: Edit + Approve

New Permission: Edit + Approve The Edit + Approve Permission will allow an easier workflow for teams who need their Clients to approve and edit content (often with a multi-step approval flow) but do not want to assign them the Moderator permission.

Coming soon

  • Project Orion 💫 : A load of new posting and collaboration features
  • Project Cheesesteak 🥖 : New features + improvements for the US market
  • API for connecting 1000's of apps to ContentCal
  • Android app

28th November 2018

Argh- it's almost December! Time to get the shopping finalised. In the meantime, here's a few tiny presents from us 🎁

  • You guys asked to create posts from Monthly View. From today you can.
  • Another common request was to view Post Previews from the New Post Modal, rather than only the Edit Post Modal. Now you can.
  • We've made a change to the sign-up journey which will hide the 'Hobbyist' area on the Dashboard by default if you've signed up through an invite. (This can be turned back on via Profile settings) This will make things simpler for the people you've invited, as they will only see your Organisation.

Have a great day.

26th November 2018

Hi everyone!

(These release notes are about a week late due to me being on annual leave.)

This release mainly covered bug fixes, performance updates, cosmetic changes and general improvements. Here's the full list...

  • We've added a new automated email which we send to notify you once a new user has signed up from your invitation
  • Avatar pictures now appear in the main Calendar for each channel
  • Filter Analytics by Category Tag
  • Fixed some issues where some users got stuck on the loading screen if they had certain ad blockers installed
  • We've made some minor code changes to duplicating posts to make them work better if adding to the Pinboard.
  • Added onboarding modals for new users
  • Fixed a few issues with saving Category Tags if a new colour wasn't selected
  • Updates to drag and drop for users who have certain permissions.
  • Updated login area
  • Minor code updates to posting to Facebook drafts
  • We've added a new request a feature area and added a public roadmap (https://www.contentcal.io/requests-and-roadmap)
  • Increase default height of the post modal
  • We now hide channels to select from in the new post modal if you've hidden them from the Calendar via the Setup area.

Next up

  • A change to the sign-up journey which will hide the 'Hobbyist' area on the Dashboard by default, if you've signed up through an invite. (This can be turned back on via Profile settings) ✅
  • Generate a Post Preview from a new post ✅
  • Add a post from Month view ✅

Coming soon

  • Option to add new posts as approved in the New Post modal (if the user has the Moderator role)
  • Facebook Page tagging

Have a great week 😎

November 5th, 2018

Happy Monday! Here's what we've shipped...

  • Dates now fix on scroll in the Calendar
  • Links are now clickable from within Posts in List, Week and Month views
  • We've increased the height of posts in List View to display 3 lines when it was previously 2
  • We've added the 'What's new' link and counter to our navigation, to make it easier to see when and what's new
  • We've removed the ability for a non-admin to change a Calendar name in line with some recent feedback
  • We've added custom date pickers for Analytics. Soon, we will be increasing the duration of the data for users on our Company and Custom plans inline with these new date pickers.

  • Performance improvements
  • Improvements to Link Previews
  • Various minor bug fixes

Coming soon

  • Option to add new posts as approved in the New Post modal (if the user has the Moderator role)
  • Facebook Page tagging
  • We're working on simplifying the sign-up journey for invited users ✅
  • Various bugs and improvements ✅

October 29th, 2018

At around 11am GMT, Twitter reset our API connection to allow posting again, after a temporary outage.

We can confirm all is working as normal now.

October 25th, 2018

  • For Facebook and Linkedin, we now allow the URL to be removed after a link renders a Link Preview
  • If you now go to edit a post which had its Link Preview removed, it won't regenerate.
  • Campaigns can now be just 1 day long, rather than a minimum of 2 days
  • We've updated the Post Preview templates to show text breaks

October 25th, 2018

  • Safari: When entering text and then selecting a time or date, the dropdowns didn't work for some users. We've made a fix for this.

  • Added a fix which caused empty Link Preview templates to appear whilst editing posts.

  • CSV exports didn't download in Firefox. We've made an update so it does

  • We've made it compulsory to add an image for Instagram posts rather than just text

  • We fixed an issue where the Media Suggestions counter sometimes displayed the incorrect number of media images

October 19th, 2018

🐛🔨 We've made a fix for an issue where edited Link Previews would be reverted if changes were made to the main post.

October 18th, 2018

🐛 🔨 We've made a fix for a bug which was causing Bitly shortlinks to remove UTM properties of a URL

No published changelogs yet.

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