ContentCal release notes
ContentCal release notes

April 11th, 2022




🖼 Automated Instagram publishing for carousel posts

You can now publish Instagram carousel posts with up to 10 images, videos, or a mixture of the two, automatically, and without the use of our mobile app

  • Media must comply with media specifications to be automatically published
  • Automated Instagram carousel publishing is available for Business profiles only

March 2nd, 2022




📈 New Standard Analytics

ContentCal’s original Standard Analytics have now been replaced with a new and far superior version.

Improvements included in our new Standard Analytics offering include…

  • Reporting on all posts, not just those published via ContentCal
  • Data is now backfilled for one month
  • We are able to store data for longer (12 weeks)
  • Data is refreshed more frequently (4 times a day)
  • You can now report on Reach and Impressions
  • We are providing more clarity on metrics and how they are calculated
  • Standard Analytics is now numbers-driven and easier to understand at a glance
  • Our Best Time to Post metric is now more accurate and based on engagement
  • Improvements have been made to Post Analytics filtering


January 25th, 2022




📌 Automated Pinterest Publishing

Publish any single-image pins direct to Pinterest from ContentCal.

Head into ‘Setup’ within the Publish area to connect your Pinterest account now. Publishing is available for personal Pinterest accounts and Business Pinterest accounts. No setup via Zapier is required!


December 14th, 2021




📹 TikTok Analytics now available in Advanced Analytics

You can now track your organic TikTok performance including views, likes, shares, comments, and top-performing posts.

Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 08.24.19.png

October 20th, 2021




📝 Automatically schedule your first comment on Instagram

When you create a new Instagram post, you'll see a text box appear called 'First Comment'. Encourage engagement by adding hashtags, additional copy, or tagging other accounts. This first comment will be automatically published along with your Instagram post.

Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 11.05.12.png

October 18th, 2021




🏷 Create new Category Tags from within the Post modal

When you're creating a new Post or Article and you need to add a new Category Tag, simply add the text for your new tag, press Enter, and your new tag will be saved.

Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 09.48.07.png

October 7th, 2021




📌 Pinterest insights now available in Advanced Analytics

Level up your Pinterest strategy and track your performance through new Pinterest insights on Impressions, Engagement, and Interactions.

💬 Message us through live chat if you'd like to get access to Advanced Analytics.

Screenshot 2021-10-07 at 09.28.09.png

October 6th, 2021




📸 Instagram 'Grid View' now available in all views

You can now view your content in the Instagram Grid layout within Lst, Week or Month view.

Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 15.09.42.png

October 6th, 2021




💬 Nested Comment Support for ContentCal Engage

Stay on top of all replies to Instagram comments from within the Engage inbox.

Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 15.06.26.png

September 24th, 2021





📝 Post Activity Log

Keep track of all changes to your posts. Access the Post Activity log through the ‘…’ option shown by each post in the calendar view and through the ‘…more’ button within the Post Modal.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 13.45.40.png