12th August 2019

We've made some improvements to give Admins more control.

1) You can now prevent non-Admins from connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting your social media channels.

2) You can now prevent non-Admins from receiving both reconnection emails for your social media channels.

Both of these new settings are available in the 'Organization Settings' option in the Dashboard Menu (vertical three dots icon … )


12th July 2019

We've spent this week fixing bugs and tidying up code...

  • Fixed layout issues with images in List View
  • Fixed issue where the counter for how many Calendars someone had access to wasn't displaying correctly on the main People screen
  • Fixed issue where clicking 'Add post' multiple times sometimes resulted in the post being added multiple times
  • Fixed minor issues and improved the way Grammarly works with ContentCal whilst using Safari for macOS
  • Various 'under the hood' fixes and improvements

That's all for now. Happy Friday!

Fix for Bitly link issues

We've fixed the issues caused when pasting in links that were previously added to ContentCal. If you experienced this issue, please ensure you update to V1.22 by refreshing your page when in ContentCal.

You can check your version number by heading to the Profile dropdown in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

8th July 2019

Grammarly: Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing in ContentCal.

With this update, you can now become a grammar superhero by accessing Grammarly from the ContentCal Post Modal.

Grammarly for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge: https://support.grammarly.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000091552-Install-the-Grammarly-browser-extension


3rd July 2019

Auto-magically add Link Previews ✨

The most common place to add a link is at the end of a post. However, before today, doing this has been a little tricky as we required you to hit the Spacebar to activate it.

From today we have 2 new updates...

1) Link Previews will generate automatically if you paste in any link

2) If you manually type in a link, we provide a new button you can click to activate the Link Preview.


26th June 2019

Version 1.2 🍣

Right click actions

We've added common actions as right-click actions to speed up your workflow.


Failed Post UI

Failed posts suck. We get that. However, when something does go wrong, we've now made it much easier for you to see which posts are affected. You can also retry the post and see the cause of failure.


More flexible multi-calendar posting

Quite a few of you have been in touch with us to make multi-calendar posting more flexible. From today you will be able to exclude adding the post to the active Calendar. Simply untick it from the existing options.



Clearer attachments UI.

Since social networks have their own preferences to which it dominant from a Link Preview and attached Media, we now provide much clearer UI to help you know this. Look out for the new 'Replace' buttons.

Better Send All For Approval action

We've fixed some issues where posts wouldn't clear if there were lots of them, resulting in you having to press the button multiple times.

Prevent Post Modal from being closed if clicking outside the container

We released this early, but here's a reminder!

Ordering Channels with drag'n'drop (in Setup)

We released this early, but here's a reminder! (more below)

🐛 Bugs

Analytics charts bug

Hover states on graphs showed incorrect information. We've sorted this out ahead of some more Analytics maintenance work we will be doing very soon.

Fixed an issue preventing 'Channel' field appearing in CSV exports

Don't see the updates? You may need to refresh the page.

31st May 2019

ContentCal 1.2 🍣 is just around the corner. However, due to holidays, we've rolled out a few updates early...

Don't see the updates? You may need to refresh the page.

🔧Improvements (1.18.0)

Re-ordering Channels

You can now re-order both your Publishing and Planning Channels at a Calendar level. To change your order, just head to 'Setup'.


Preventing accidental modal exits

We've removed the ability to click areas outside of the Post Modal to exit a post. This should prevent those accidental clicks and losing your post content. To exit a post, use the Esc key, or click the X icon.

Upcoming in 1.2 🍣

Right Click actions, Failed Post UI with Retry, improvements to adding links and Link Previews, plus various bugs exterminations and under the hood improvements.

Coming soon : 🦋, our biggest release everrrr

More information coming soon. Watch this space.

22nd May 2019


Improved Comments Notifications

We've listened to recent feedback in regards to improving our email notifications for Comments. From today, you will receive emails for comments on your posts regardless of @ mention or no @ mention. This should prevent missing comments.

Notifications are notoriously hard, and we're always looking for feedback to help us improve in this area. Any suggestions: https://www.contentcal.io/requests-and-roadmap

17th April 2019

A few goodies ahead of the Easter break...

Connect to over 1000 apps by connecting ContentCal to Zapier

Here are just a few examples of what you can do...

  • Star a Slack message and have that message appear in your ContentCal Pinboard
  • Add your favourite Pocket articles straight to ContentCal
  • Push your content out to different services such as Pinterest, Hubspot, Trello and many, many more.

The ContentCal app is available now on Zapier via Early Access. You can connect here: https://zapier.com/apps/contentcal/integrations

Custom header colours

You can now add a touch of personality to each Calendar by setting a custom header colour. To choose a new colour, head to 'Setup' and find 'Custom Navigation Colour'. If you aren't digging the pre-selected colours, you can add your own HEX code.

We've made inviting people much easier

1) You can now invite someone to your Organisation and add them to Calendars at the same time. The default permission here will be Creator, but you can adjust this to any permission from Members + Approvals.

2) If you invite someone to ContentCal, but they sign up via our website and not the invitation link, ContentCal will now automatically join that person with your Organisation.

New media uploader

As you've probably noticed already, our media uploader is looking fresh! It now comes with built-in integrations, meaning you can upload media from a range of sources including Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, Webcam and many more.

27th March 2019

Embedded Link Previews are here 🎉

This new update allows you to see Link Previews in both the Week and List views.


(If you don't like these being displayed, there is a setting to hide them in Profile > Display Link Previews in the Calendar.)


We've made sharing posts 10000x easier

You can now open the post modal for any post in the Calendar Views, and copy and paste the URL. This unique URL will take you or anyone else in your Organisation directly to the post. So you can now bookmark posts, share to Slack, etc etc. We will also be re-factoring all our email templates so that emails can link you to specific posts too, rather than just to the Calendar.


New signup journey for invited users

We've re-designed the signup journey from your feedback. It's now much clearer that the invited user is joining your team, rather than generically signing up.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely ContentCal will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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