Consulting MBA changelog
Consulting MBA changelog

We're starting a changelog





It's not common for training programs to have a record of changes and updates. We're changing that today.

This changelog will share the key updates, improvements, and corrections made in Consulting MBA programs.

The purposes of this include:

  • New content and tools we develop
  • Changes to how we operate in the new business climate
  • Strategies we further refine and develop

If you return to the program months from now and there was an update, you deserve to know. We want this relationship to be transparent and easy.

The changelog will feature all significant improvements made. It's a communication tool. In that vein, we always want to hear what more we can do to support our clients and we are happy to custom develop tools and lessons for unique situations. Reach us at with your requests.

You can return to this page at any time to see the latest changes. We will also share these updates in our private community of clients so that you are kept up to date in the moment as well, instead of having to worry about checking this record periodically.

Onwards and upwards.