Connect My Event changelog
Connect My Event changelog

Category Sorting & Search


  • Added quick search to category lists to filter when there are a large number of categories to choose from.
  • Category lists in the event categories page and in the module settings pages now all sort alphabetically.
  • Fixed bug with saving module settings, media elements were not saving correctly.

April Update


  • Links in chat and direct messaging are now clickable automatically.
  • Long links or text in chat or messages will now wrap appropriately to prevent overflows of the messaging or chat panels.
  • Chat times will now display in the users' local time, instead of server time.



  • Fixed a bug where message sending from connection views resulted in spinning loader, and no action.



  • Fixed bug with archived spaces appearing for users when they shouldn't be.
  • Fixed bug where chat was not working on account only events.



  • Direct messaging: archiving and blocking of conversations.
  • Fixed bug where non-connected users would not have access to chat in account only or connection only event types.
  • Fixed bug where administrators could not delete chat messages.
  • Images are no longer purged from the CDN endpoints when removed or updated, old images, so when changed on duplicated modules the original module media will not be removed.

Minor Update


  • Added switch to show/hide send message button on contact cards in events.
  • Added switch to disable click through in schedule views for modules.
  • Fixed bug with question sorting in forms modules.
  • Fixed bug where email logo was not retained on saving settings.



  • Fixed bug where manager access to spaces and events was restricted.
  • Fixed bug in space invitation URL generation.
  • Fixed bug with countdowns not loading in new CME layout.

March 2021 Update


  • Delegate direct messaging, users can now engage in private conversations via the contact cards or by clicking the relevant user name in chat windows.
  • Improved Connected Users page for Event Spaces.
  • Sidebar now is open by default on screens larger than tablet, then saves with user's last choice.
  • Client side code (JavasSript & CSS) now pulled from CME CDN.
  • Added Azure Pipelines to publish workflow, now CDN is updated with version bumps.

Privacy Update


  • Privacy settings now controlled directly from the manage profile page, users can choose to show/hide elements of their profile from where they enter it, rather than from a separate privacy settings page.
  • Reset link on account login page was broken.

Bugfixes & Improvements


  • Minor bugfixes from 4.0.0
  • Improvements to Connection view card layout for smaller screens.