Connect My Event changelog
Connect My Event changelog

Privacy Update


  • Privacy settings now controlled directly from the manage profile page, users can choose to show/hide elements of their profile from where they enter it, rather than from a separate privacy settings page.
  • Reset link on account login page was broken.

Bugfixes & Improvements


  • Minor bugfixes from 4.0.0
  • Improvements to Connection view card layout for smaller screens.

February 2021 Update


  • General bug fixing and improvements.

Layout & Navigation Improvements

  • Mini sidebars (inside events and modules) have now been removed.
  • Sidebar navigation has been overhauled, now all event management tools are hidden inside a cog menu at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • Sidebar is now static, and event link icons remain visible when the sidebar is closed.

Event/Module Settings & Designer Tools

  • New Designer view now allows the event organiser to view the event/module as they build it, including live updates for colours, images and content.
  • Streamlined event settings pages, and moved all design settings into the sidebar areas of the designer views.
  • Quick access links for settings/designers now appear on the event sidebar, to quickly get the organiser to what they need to edit.

View Improvements

  • Schedule views have been improved for legibility and mobile views.
  • Module management via the "All Modules" page has been improved, with additional sorting and filtering to help manage larger events with more modules.
  • Connection views can now be managed more thoroughly by event organisers, providing finer grain tools to show/hide elements from user profiles. For example event organisers can choose what is shown on connection views, such as hiding emails or phone numbers, while showing only company name and job title.

Privacy, Profiles & Quick Notifications


  • New account management area, privacy tools for users and delegates, and new connection views for events/modules.
  • Clicking a connection in a connection view, now shows a popup with all the user's bio/profile information, users can choose what to show and hide in their privacy settings.
  • Added a quick notification system so event organisers can send toast messages to connected users.
  • Increased tap button size for sign in and help buttons in the public site headers.
  • Fixed a bug where module/event/space colours would not change visually when the save button is pressed, only after a further refresh. Colours now update on first save button press.
  • Fixed a bug with colour pickers, deleteing/clearing the colour filled the field with the parent event/space colour, instead of clearing the value.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicated modules chats are connected to the originally duplicated module chat.

September 2020 Update


  • General bug fixing and improvements.


  • Customisable coming soon overlays for live streams, videos and presentation modules.
  • Optional countdown timers for coming soon views. Add a countdown to your video modules, that will auto refresh for users when the countdown reaches zero to reveal the presentation, video or live stream.

Optional Modules

  • You can now mark scheduled or listed modules as optional, in the Display Location section of the module settings page.
  • This allows the module to be "connected" to by the delegates. On first accessing an optional module, the delegate will be asked to "connect".
  • Once connected, the module will be accessible as normal for the delegate, plus the module will now appear in any "personalised" lists or schedules that are set to filter connected modules.
  • To create a "personalised" schedule, simply enable the setting "Filter by subscribed" in the Module List or Schedule Settings section of the module settings page.
  • You can also enable a checkbox to allow users to show subscribed modules or not.

Forms, Questionnaires and Assessments

  • Updated form editor experience, featuring inline sorting, to reorder your questions by dragging and dropping.
  • More accurate marking on assessments.
  • Checkbox, radio buttons and select lists can now be set to required.

Event, Space and Module Editors

  • New editor experience for managing events, modules and event spaces, tabs have been moved to a new sidebar style, and settings sections have been devided and simplified further.

Delegate Support Desk

  • Users in the support role can now access a new suite of tools to assist their delegates in accessing events.
  • New tools are accessible in the Event Connections window, allowing support teams to resend, reset or remove expired or rejected invitation links, send out automated password reset emails and send branded links to event homepages to assist users accessing events.
  • To access the new support tools, simply click an event connection in the Event Connections page.
  • Event organisers can contact Connect My Event to have accounts added to the support role.

August 2020 Update


  • Space, Event & Module editor overhaul. Reorganised the editor pages for usability and easy access to various settings.
  • Chat improvements. Chat is now more streamlined, with an improved layout and display for readability and usability, no more chat entry messages clogging up the chat window. Auto scrolling has been improved and no longer forces users to the bottom when scrolled up.
  • New starting screens for video presentations and live streams. Add a countdown and background image for your video panel, prior to your video going live.
  • New Help & Support Hub is now accessible via the help link. We have also added user guides for accessing accounts, accepting invitations and basic functionality, this will be ever improving.
  • Reject links now require a click for confirmation once clicked from an invitation.
  • More robust support features for your event, now invitations can be reactivated if rejected in error.
  • Improved navigation on main CME public site when viewed on mobiles, and added new graphics to login areas, and the CME public site.

External Page Image & Event Home Icons


  • Added a separate slot to upload your external pages background image.
  • Now all images have basic size guidelines in the descriptions.
  • Event homepage can now have a custom icon in the sidebar/navbar - you can update this on the event settings page in the "Branding" tab.



  • Fixed bug with module category caching, categories did not appear instantly when saved.
  • Fixed bug where create category window did not disappear when save button was pressed.
  • Fixed anonymous bug, users set to anonymous were appearing in the connection lists.

Module Categorisation


We have just added module categorisation. Now you can break your modules into grouped content, so set up a streams category, and show this on a module list page. So you can break your content up into more defined areas within your event.

We're starting a changelog


It's finally here! CME version 3.0.

In light of this we are starting this glorious changelog. Check here for announcements of our updates and fixes, along with any new features and functionality that will add to your event experiences.

New Features

  • New Styling We have pulled out all the stops and brought our styling into the current century! Feeling it needed a lift, we have brought in much more customisation and colour, event areas can now be branded with cover images, header images and colour schemes.

  • Media for all! Modules can all now incorporate media elements. Meaning you can now add a live stream or a VOD (Video on demand) to a schedule or a module list page, rather than only a media type. You can even add a video player to a questionnaire if you choose to!

  • Module functionality improvements. We have improved how customisable your modules can be, with our new module types and display location options, you can build your event to be exactly how you want it to be.

  • Editor and admin area improvements. We have added a lot to our editors, making your event management experience a smooth a process as possible, improving layout, and usability as well as simplifying complex menus and navigation, all whilst maintaining the ultimate flexibility for your event.

  • And many, many more!

Please check it out and keep an eye on this page to be notified about future updates and improvements.