Comeen Workplace changelog
Comeen Workplace changelog

Add office extras to your booking




Comeen Workplace offers you the opportunity to add specific options to your employees' booking for their in-office days.

With office extras, you can now provide the best in-office experience. Let your team customize their experience at a glance: book a parking slot, and a locker, and eat at the company restaurant 🤝

From the employee application, when choosing their days of presence in the office, people have the possibility to choose additional specifics like:

  • 🔐 A locker
  • 🚗 A parking space
  • 🥤 A water bottle
  • 🐶 A space for their dog
  • 🍽 A place in the canteen

Office extras are a great way to simplify and enhance employee experience while keeping the administrative settings clear and relevant.

On the team side

It is very simple. In addition to being able to book your office or workspace in your usual tool (Google Add-on, Slack, Microsoft Teams): you can book office extras at the same time. Your company puts the elements at your disposal and you just have to click to add them to your booking 🥤


And on your booking afterward, it looks like this:


On the admin side

To set up the office extras in your offices, go to the settings in the Admin area. Once in "Office extras" you can add or remove the elements available in your offices. You can create them manually and add as many as you want, without any limit.

➡️ You will also be able to choose their availability during the day, the days of the week, their number, and even in which building they are available.


This way you can see how many have been booked each day and see your workplace analytics.

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