Comeen Workplace changelog
Comeen Workplace changelog

Reserve your office space directly from your office floor-plan




You want to go to the office and reserve your space for that day but you want to place yourself next to your favorite colleagues? Or you prefer to visually choose the desk next to the window?

It's now possible on Comeen Workplace.

Choose the best place to come to work

When you go to book your office in your usual tool, simply click on "book my office from the map". This way you can directly see which seats are already reserved, where your colleagues are sitting and what are the specificities of the offices.

Here is an example of what the reservation looks like on Google Calendar:

group 1631.png

And here is an example on My Comeen: group 1630.png

The new feature is already available on My Comeen and the Google Calendar add-on, and will soon be available on Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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Adjust your office usages rules




Comeen Workplace allows you to customize your office presence notifications. This way you can free up space that is not being used.

Didn't want to go to the office after all tomorrow but forgot to cancel your attendance? No problem. With this new custom rule feature, you'll get a notification the night before to clear your spot if you want to 📆

From the admin settings, you can now:

  • ⏰ Choose when the notification to check in is sent in the morning (and afternoon)
  • ❌ Choose if no response cancels the reservation or not - and after how long
  • 👋 Decide whether or not to send a reminder the day before (or the day you want) to remind the user of their presence
  • ⏳ And also choose, if there is no response, that this cancels the booking for the d-day

The setting up on the admin side

To do this, go to your admin panel and then settings - presences. In "Seat Reminders Policy" you will find all the rules you can set up and change to improve the operation and booking of space in your office. A free desk is a desk that can be used again!


Just choose all the rules you like and save them.

The result on the user side

On the user side, we have improved the notification. You can now see your location and the office number if you have booked one. You can also choose your status.


For example here, the user receives a notification the day before to confirm his presence at the office the next day. He can also choose to put himself in remote 🏡

Here is how it looks on Slack:


Here is how it looks on Microsoft Teams:


And for example, here, the user just received the notification to confirm his booking at the office for 9:00 am 💼

Here is how it looks on Google Chat:


He didn't confirm within 30 minutes so his seat has been canceled. This allows other people to come to the company and book the desk, and for managers to know exactly how many people are present at the office at a given time.

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Book for your team in 2 clicks




Comeen Workplace allows you to book for your team or colleagues so they don't have to do anything to declare their presence.

There is nothing like working closely with your team. Comeen Workplace offers now the possibility to book desk for all your team. We'll find for you the best place in the office, be sure to be next to each others ✨

On the organizer side

Now directly from My Comeen, you can book a desk for your selected team members.

EN - Day - Team booking.png

On the team side

The team will get a notification informing them you just booked a presence for them; this notification gives details on this reservation, so no worries 🚀

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Add office extras to your booking




Comeen Workplace offers you the opportunity to add specific options to your employees' booking for their in-office days.

With office extras, you can now provide the best in-office experience. Let your team customize their experience at a glance: book a parking slot, and a locker, and eat at the company restaurant 🤝

From the employee application, when choosing their days of presence in the office, people have the possibility to choose additional specifics like:

  • 🔐 A locker
  • 🚗 A parking space
  • 🥤 A water bottle
  • 🐶 A space for their dog
  • 🍽 A place in the canteen

Office extras are a great way to simplify and enhance employee experience while keeping the administrative settings clear and relevant.

On the team side

It is very simple. In addition to being able to book your office or workspace in your usual tool (Google Add-on, Slack, Microsoft Teams): you can book office extras at the same time. Your company puts the elements at your disposal and you just have to click to add them to your booking 🥤


And on your booking afterward, it looks like this:


On the admin side

To set up the office extras in your offices, go to the settings in the Admin area. Once in "Office extras" you can add or remove the elements available in your offices. You can create them manually and add as many as you want, without any limit.

➡️ You will also be able to choose their availability during the day, the days of the week, their number, and even in which building they are available.


This way you can see how many have been booked each day and see your workplace analytics.

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Locate your teammates in the building




Comeen Workplace allows you to locate your team members when they've booked a desk and checked in.

Feeling lonely on your coffee break or unsure where to sit when you arrive at your company? With this new feature, locate your favorite teammates and go chat over coffee with ease ☕️

Directly on your way to work or on your computer, you can do everything from My Comeen: your user interface.


You will find your booking of the day, and you will be able to click on the members of your team present in the office in order to locate them in the different buildings.


Easy and super useful, right? Try it!

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