Comeen Play EN changelog
Comeen Play EN changelog

Introducing Triggered Playlists





Now you can adapt what you display on your screens based on different triggers.


You can get near the screen, pick up an object from its shelf, or scan a QR code. The displayed content changes instantly.

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The objective? Bring smarter and funnier interactions to your screens.

With Triggered Playlists, you can:

  • 📆 Display the meeting room availability when you're in front of the door
  • 👋 Welcome your visitors with a hyper-personalized message when they check-in at the reception desk
  • 🏷 Play a video when a customer picks up an object from its shelf
  • 👍 Thank a customer after checkout

This new feature requires to connect your ChromeOS player to additional hardware. Please contact your account manager for more details.

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One more thing

You don't use a screen anymore? When its Player is no longer associated, you can now hit that red button to delete it.