Comeen Play changelog
Comeen Play changelog

Introducing the Google Sheets integration





Now you can connect your Google Sheets as a data source in DynamicScreen.

Introducing the Google Sheets integration for DynamicScreen

Data sources help you keep your content in-sync in DynamicScreen. You can connect a public calendar from an ics file or import a csv file. Now you can add your Google Sheets.

This new feature helps you import data from your Google Sheets, and add them to your templates in the Designer. The best part? Your data keeps in sync automatically. Update your Google Sheets, and the new values are pushed to your screens. Like magic.

How to use the new Google Sheets integration:

  • 📆 Display the meetings of the day
  • 📊 Share your key metrics to your teams
  • 💼 Feature your most recent clients
  • 💬 Inspire your team with quotes
  • 🎉 Remind the upcoming birthdays—and never miss again an opportunity to say 'Happy Birthday' to your colleagues

This new Google Sheets integration for DynamicScreen is one of the many built-in integrations with Google products—including the Google Data Studio integration.

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For advanced use of the new Google Sheets integration for DynamicScreen, our COO Simon also wrote a great piece in the Help Center. Have a read.

Bravo Corentin, your hard work has paid off!