Comeen Play changelog
Comeen Play changelog

Introducing the Google Data Studio integration





Data visualization platforms such as Google Data Studio help you bring clarity to your teams. It produces reports and dashboards automatically so you can track metrics and issues to your teams, your management committee, or your customers.


We're thrilled to announce the simplest Digital Signage integration for Google Data Studio.

Start sharing your Data Studio reports and dashboards to all your screens in two clicks.


With the new Google Data Studio integration, you can:

  • Share the performance of your Google Ads campaigns in realtime.
  • Inform your employees of your financial results.
  • Keep your Sales team in-sync with your quarterly OKRs.

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One more thing

Now you can set an expiration date for your docs in your Kiosk. Want to share a legal notice? Make it available for a specific time. Then it gets unavailable—no extra effort on your side.