Comeen Play changelog
Comeen Play changelog

Introducing Microsoft 365 for DynamicScreen





If your company works with Microsoft 365, you can now embrace the most advanced features in the digital signage software industry.

Earlier this year, we released an update to help you secure your team access to DynamicScreen and make it easy to log in with your Microsoft account. Now you can connect your Microsoft 365 apps to your screens.

In a breeze, you can import your documents from Microsoft Word, your presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint, and your spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel, and start sharing them with your team.

2021-07-22-0a7eQkvq@2x.png 2021-07-22-CY1GuJOh@2x.png

You just added a slide or corrected a miseplling word? Your shared documents keep in sync across all your screens. Every document updates in real-time, with no extra effort.

How to use the new Microsoft 365 integration:

  • 📊 Share your key metrics from Microsoft Excel
  • 💼 Feature your most recent clients from Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 🚧 Track the number of incidents
  • 🎉 Remind the upcoming birthdays
  • 💬 Inspire your team with quotes

Use cases are countless—Over to you!

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