Comeen Play changelog
Comeen Play changelog

Create your own graphics to connect to your screens




If your company already uses graphs in its daily business or if you're looking to format your raw data on your screens: this new feature is for you.

Our Charts feature allows you to create charts directly from the designer with even more advanced functionality.

In a few clicks from your data source, RSS feed, SalesForce, Google Sheets, Excel or CSV file, you configure your new charts to be displayed on your screens. You can customize them with your colors or choose to display or not the legend.

The data is updated automatically and your teams are informed and connected in real time to your information.


Examples of use:

  • 💸 Show the evolution of your Sales Figures

  • 📊 View the breakdown of your budget

  • 📈 Highlight the profit and loss statement

  • ⚡️ Project revenue trends

  • 🚀 Track a number of downloads, packages sent

  • 👀 Keep an eye on your performance indicators

Directly into your Designer!