Comeen Play changelog
Comeen Play changelog

Bend it like Sky





When you've created a Playlist in DynamicScreen, you may have wondered what the best order would have been: The monthly KPIs, then the Facebook feed? Before or after the YouTube video?

Don't ask ever again. We're introducing Zoning.


This new feature helps you split your screen into multiple fields. That's right. Now you can split your screens to display various contents at once.

How to use this new feature in DynamicScreen

  • 📡 Build your own Corporate TV
  • 👀 Keep an eye on your key metrics
  • 📹 Share your YouTube live videos
  • 📸 Play a movie of your recent team offsite



How to enable this new feature in DynamicScreen

To start playing around with this new feature, please contact your Account Manager. We'd be happy to help you get started.

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