Comeen Play changelog
Comeen Play changelog

A brand new sleep mode for your screens




Comeen Play allows you now to configure and manage the sleep mode of your signage screens.

Leaving your screens on at night or on weekends, if you don't need them, is a waste of energy and an ecological loss. And on top of that, it's useless!

Thanks to this new feature, you can now choose exactly the hours and days on which your screens turn off automatically and on to be as efficient as possible, remotely ⏰

How to use this feature?

Directly into the Comeen Play digital signage platform, just go to your player setting and activate the sleep mode.


Also, in addition to now being able to choose the days on which your screens work, you can also choose two different screens in the same day! If you want to turn off your screens at night or put them on pause between noon and 2pm for example.


To sum up

  • 📅# Program the switching on and off of your screens
  • ⏳ Even several times a day
  • 🌍 More eco-friendly, more responsible

This feature is available on all players connected to Comeen Play 🚀

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