Only check Assignees that are Assigned to an issue

In the inline assignee menu on List View we would sometimes have checked assignees that had been unassigned from the issue.

No longer!

Improved issue timeline

Issue timelines now include links to commits that reference an issue in their commit message and references made to other issues in issue comments.

Quickly get to an issue you just created

Even create an issue, and then need to update it? Us too, all the time.

Before, once an issue was created it was buried. You had to use the Issue Switcher or Search.

But today, you can see a link to the issue in the "Issue Created" notification message to bring the issue up:

See it in action:

Faster repo picking when you create a new project

Launched a new repo picker for when you're creating a new project.

Now you can:

  • filter the list of repos
  • pick multiple repos quickly
  • batch selected and unselect repos

See it in action:

Issues in closed milestones show up in search


  • Searching for issues in a closed milestone wouldn't display those issues


  • Searching for issues in a closed milestone DOES display those issues

FYI, Codetree now tells you that you're looking at an issue in a closed milestone by displaying the milestone name in Red:

No more mentioned and subscribed events

We've removed mentioned and subscribed events from an issue's feed to keep it leaner and meaner.

Filters have learned about views

When saving a Filter we now also save the view (list or board) you were in when creating the Filter.

Batch Edit Issues

Want to change labels, milestones, or assignees on multiple issues at the same time?

Just turn on batch edit mode:

And edit away:

Move an issue to an off-screen group? Now the group appears.

Previously, when you moved an issue to an assignee or milestone that wasn't displayed on screen, the issue would disappear into the ether.

Now, when you move it to an assignee or milestone that's off screen, we'll display the assignee / milestone and move the issue to it:

One exception to this occurs when when you're filtering by criteria that would exclude the new assignee / milestone from being displayed on-screen.

For example, if you're filtering to only show issues in the Q2 milestone, and move an issue to Q3, we won't bring up the Q3 milestone. Instead, we display a message letting you know the issue has been moved:

Thanks to @ezrabg for the suggestion!

Break Dependencies

You're now able to break dependencies between issues, either via the inline dependency table or the edit issue modal. Simply click the x to the right of the issue and you're good to go.

No published changelogs yet.

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