Right click menu options for issues

Now you can quickly copy the GitHub URL or open in GitHub by right clicking an issue

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 4.54.26 PM.png

Fully collapsible kanban stages

With the recent release, you can now collapse any stage to allow the remaining columns more space and visibility.


We are pretty excited about this feature update as:

  • columns expand to all available space increasing readability
  • column drop zones for drag-n-drop are now full screen
  • any number of columns can be collapsed to create a focal point for team discussion.

Take a look and let us know what you think on Twitter: @Codetreeapp

Untriaged/Backlog respects Milestone Filters

Fixed an issue with the the Untriaged/Backlog kanban column so that Milestone filters work with the column. Thanks to the community for raising awareness on this issue.

resolves: codetree/feedback#264, codetree/feedback#273, codetree/feedback#255

If you have an idea or issue, visit codetree/feedback and add it to our public issues repo or +1 an existing issue to raise awareness

Improved repo search for new issues

When creating a new issue, you now can search for any portion of a repo name.

resolves: codetree/feedback#310

Fixed iPad ability to Add and View Issues

iPad users can add and view issue details after an outdated javascript library was updated.

resolves: codetree/feedback3

If you have an idea or issue, visit codetree/feedback and add it to our public issues repo or +1 an existing issue to raise awareness

See keyboard shortcuts with `?`

If you aren't aware, Codetree has a plethora of keyboard shortcuts to improve your productivity and we've made it even easier to learn the shortcuts. Just type ? in the list or task board view

Resolves codetree/feedback#309

Support for Github Transfer/Delete Issues

We recently launched support for GitHub's beta features of transferring and deleting issues.

If some of your team prefers to use GitHub directly for managing issues, you may have seen the GitHub's beta features for Transferring and Deleting issues

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 10.35.12 AM.png

Codetree now supports these two features and eliminates those pesky "zombie" issues that would linger in your Codetree projects.

Added cross-repo branch automation

Closed Beta: Opt-in by request

If you are using the Fork and Branch Git workflow, you now can increase your team's efficiency by automatically advancing issues in your primary repo for newly created branches in your forked repos. This will help your devs stay at the command line and keep your PMs informed of issues that have begun development work.

If you are interested in using this feature, please reach out at andrew@codetree.com

Hardecoded To Do stage has been removed

Many of you have shared with us that you found the hardcoded To Do stage frustrating. You wanted to be able to setup your own workflow stages without us forcing a particular workflow on you.

Message received! We have removed the hardcoded To Do stage.

For those of you that liked having a To Do stage you can follow these steps to get back something similar:

  1. Create a new custom stage called 'To Do'.

  2. Create a filter to get all open issues that are in a milestone (or assigned if you are in assignee mode) and exclude all issues labeled with a stage label (e.g. 'in progress'). Use bulk edit to apply the stage label for the custom 'To Do' stage you created in step 1.

If you need help with the above please contact support.

Sticky Stages replaced with new workflow rule

As part of our on-going work to improve workflow we've removed the Sticky Stages feature and replaced it with a new workflow rule, "Add label when issue is closed".

We removed Sticky Stages because:

  1. Few customers used it.
  2. Customers found it confusing.
  3. It suffered from a number of hard to fix bugs.

You can enable its replacement workflow rule via Project Settings > Workflow > Automated Workflow Rules > When an issue is closed.

You might find the workflow rule useful for scenarios like adding a 'to-verify' or 'release-notes' label automatically after an issue is closed.

Next up, making the "To Do" stage optional!


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