Move an issue to an off-screen group? Now the group appears.

Previously, when you moved an issue to an assignee or milestone that wasn't displayed on screen, the issue would disappear into the ether.

Now, when you move it to an assignee or milestone that's off screen, we'll display the assignee / milestone and move the issue to it:

One exception to this occurs when when you're filtering by criteria that would exclude the new assignee / milestone from being displayed on-screen.

For example, if you're filtering to only show issues in the Q2 milestone, and move an issue to Q3, we won't bring up the Q3 milestone. Instead, we display a message letting you know the issue has been moved:

Thanks to @ezrabg for the suggestion!

Break Dependencies

You're now able to break dependencies between issues, either via the inline dependency table or the edit issue modal. Simply click the x to the right of the issue and you're good to go.

👍 to Long Filters

Fixed an issue where a filter that spanned more than one line obscured the top of the board or list of issues. Now, your filters can span as many lines as you like!

Easier to change Assignees and Milestones in List View

We've made it easier to click the Assignee and Milestone dropdowns in List View:

Previously, you were able to click on the milestone or assignee to see a list of issues in that milestone or belonging to that assignee. For example, in the above example you used to be able to click April 4 to see a list of issues in that milestone, or to click Kareem to see a list of his issues. You can still do that -- just hold CTRL or CMD and click on April 4 or Kareem to see those views.

Multiple Assignees

Codetree now supports Multiple Assignees. When you add assignees to an issue in Codetree or GitHub, they'll be reflected in the other system.

Fixed an issue with cards with no text

Fixed a issue that was sometimes occurring on Chrome where no text was displayed on cards.

Remove duplicate timeline entries

Occasionally Codetree would show duplicate entries in issue timelines. No longer.

Quicker syncing of labels and milestones

Labels and milestones created in GitHub sync immediately now via their respective web hooks vs. waiting for the hourly refresh.

Switcher bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where newly-added issues would show in the switcher but couldn't be opened without first doing a full page refresh.

  • Fixed an issue where the edit issue modal wouldn't scroll when an issue was opened via the switcher.

Fixes and Improvements

Been hard at work on laying the ground work for a few big things. In the meantime, here are a few of the fixes and improvements we've made recently:

  • Fixed a bug where the priority section of the edit issue modal wasn't always redrawing.
  • When you move an issue from the Backlog to the ToDo column in board view, the issue would snap back to Backlog. Why? Because issues in ToDo must have a Milestone (if your project is grouped by milestone) or an Assignee (if your project is grouped by Assignee). Now, you see an error message as to why your issue seems to be randomly snapping back:
  • Changing labels in the Edit Issue Modal is now snappier than before.

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