Restart Single Pipelines

Codeship Basic

You can now restart a single pipeline that has failed instead of restarting the entire build.

The feature is only available on pipelines that have failed (whether due to test failure or system failure) and can be triggered by clicking on the icon in the pipeline tab.

Added Changelog Link

Get to the changelog directly from the application under the support dropdown.

Heroku Deployment

Codeship Pro

  • Use generic Docker login script when using the Heroku Docker Registry wrapper
  • Move the deployment container into the deployment subfolder

Heroku Deployment - PR #32

Docker Version Updates

Codeship Pro

We have upgraded the Codeship Pro Docker version to now use the Docker Edge Release 17.09.

Weekly Utility Updates

Codeship Pro

Codeship Basic

RabbitMQ Admin

You can now install RabbitMQ Admin via Codeship Scripts.

To include RabbitMQ Admin, run the following command:

curl -sSL | bash -s

API Public Beta Launch

For this initial release, we’ve focused on a couple of the most requested scenarios:

Custom dashboards – Combine Codeship data with data from other systems in your own dashboard.

Project automation – Fully automate the setup and configuration of projects, by using templates and/or auto-create projects when new repos are added.

Build triggering – Start/stop/restart builds based on your own custom logic.

Chaining projects – Automatically trigger builds on downstream projects. By focusing on these as starters, we were able to get the API in your hands faster and at the same time provide a lot of value right away.

In terms of specific endpoints, these goals mean that we now have create, read, and update for projects as well as create, read, and trigger builds. Each of the endpoints are described in more detail in the API documentation.

New Authentication and Authorization Models We’ve also revamped the authentication logic compared to v1 of the API. Instead of an API key, we now use short-lived tokens. Instead of a single API key that gives access to everything, v2 now relies on the teams and roles, inside the Codeship account, of the authenticating user. Read more about authentication in the API documentation.

To join the beta, sign up for the Codeship Community Slack #API channel.

Centralized team management for all accounts

We enabled all plans and centralized team management for everyone by migrating your Personal Account to an Organization account (for free) on Aug 19th, 2017.

We believe that CI is for teams. Centralized team management and permission management is of highest importance for that. After receiving a lot of feedback, we decided to sunset our concept of Personal Accounts on Aug 19th, 2017 and are migrating all accounts to be “Organization” accounts with access to all subscription plans including the free plan, as well as centralized team management.

In short: Centralized management of teams, permissions and projects

10 will be available for all accounts from on Aug 19th, 2017, onwards.

What happened?

At sign up, all new accounts created will be Organization Accounts, that have access to centralized team management and all available plans including the free plan from Aug 19th, 2017, onwards.

If you already have an account created prior Aug 19th, 2017, we are migrated your Personal Account to an Organization Account, which gives you access to all plans and centralized team management for free.

It does not have any impact on your subscription, plan and price, your invoices, or your applied discounts.

Browser Notifications

We have added the ability to send browser notifications to alert you when builds are complete. This feature is available in the user Account Settings.

Codeship Launches Flexible Notifications

We’re excited to announce the latest updates to our notifications settings. Our notification services are now much more flexible, allowing more customization for your team.

Our users will now have the ability to:

  • configure one or more notification services to trigger on specific branch events

  • Add more services (Slack, HipChat, a webhook) under the same branch or branches

  • Select what type of events will trigger a notification

  • Remove email notifications from a project or branch

Check out our documentation to learn more.

Recent UI Updates

  • Moved Projects Overview page into virtual page to significantly decrease page load time resulting in faster navigation.
  • Added Keyboard shortcuts for fast navigation between projects.
  • On pages except /projects/ page:
    • Go to /projects page: gp
  • On /projects page:
    • Return from to previous page: ESC
    • Navigation between projects: arrow keys
    • Selection of active project: Enter

Organization Dashboard

  • We merged the Basic and Pro builds into one list resulting in one list that chronologically orders all your accounts builds in one list based on when the builds were triggered.
  • Additionally, this enabled us to be able to remove the header and gain more space for your builds resulting in more builds shown on that page.

Project Dashboard and Build Detail View

  • We removed the big header and changed it to a smaller bar that shows the project you are on resulting in more vertical space for your projects builds or build steps on the build detail view.

If you are ready to opt back into the new Codeship UI, you can do so by logging into your account, clicking on your Avatar in the top right and clicking the button that says, 'Switch to new UI'. On Tuesday, June 20th we will move all users to the new design and remove the option to opt out.

If you have further feedback on the UI or UX of the Codeship Application, please submit our short feedback survey. We carefully review all user feedback. Recently we released a new UI and UX for our build related pages with the goal to have a clean and more consistent design across those pages. Additionally, those changes lay the groundwork for upcoming improvements and iterations.

No published changelogs yet.

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