Codeship Pro Utility Updates

Google Cloud Utilities

GCloud CLI to version 183.0.0

AWS Utilities

AWS CLI to version 1.14.9.

Self Hosted GitLab Supported

Codeship supports self-hosted GitLab CE and EE. You can now support your organization’s security policies without the overhead of managing CI/CD servers or a locally-installed Codeship.

Your builds will run in the cloud on our build machines while hosting your code on your private GitLab instance.

Codeship never stores your source code. Take a look at our security policy to learn more.

Codeship supports the following GitLab products:

  • GitLab CE
  • GitLab EE

Codeship Basic Build VM

Azure Container Service Deployments

To make it easy for you to deploy your application to Azure Container Service, we’ve built deployment images that have the Azure Container Service CLI installed and configured for use in the CI/CD process.

You will simply need to add one of the Azure deployment images as a service in your codeship-services.yml file so that you can run the commands you need.

Read our documentation for more information.

Codeship API v2 Is Now Out of Beta

After a few months in public beta and handling close to a million requests a month, including requests from some of our biggest customers, we’re excited to announce that we’ve ripped the beta label off of our new API.

We’ve been very satisfied with the performance and stability of the API, and we’d like to invite you to start using it to automate your own workflows.

To read more about these workflows, read this blog post.

Documentation -

If you would like to join the API discussion, meet us in the #api channel in the Codeship Slack Community -

Codeship Basic Script Updates

Here are a few recent updates for Codeship Basic we thought you'd be interested in:

If you have any questions about the latest updates feel free to contact

Updated Org Settings Page

Not to be out done by the account page updates of earlier this week, the organization settings page looks shiny and new as well.

You can locate the new page by navigating to the Settings page of any org where you are an owner.

New Look for Account Pages

Today, we gave some of our account pages an updated look, to bring them up-to-date with our new application design.

It's like a fresh haircut, only with 1's and 0's.

Account Settings (

Connected Services (

Reset AES Key

On Codeship Pro projects, it is now possible to reset your AES key.

If you need to reset your AES key you can do so by visiting Project Settings > General and clicking Reset project AES key.

New Billing Page

We are excited about changes to our billing page. Not only does it look better, but now it is easier for you to manage your credit card and billing info in one place!

  • Update billing address and credit card independently
  • All information on one page

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Codeship will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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