Update to CodeShip Basic

CodeShip Basic has several version updates:

  • PHP 7.2.20 and 7.3.7
  • Python 3.6.9 and 3.7.4

Skipping builds on the same branch

The auto-supersede feature can automatically skip builds in the queue when a newer build on the same branch comes in. By running a build based upon the latest commit, you can streamline the builds and save time. If a code change commit contains an error and a subsequent commit corrects that error, this feature can skip the build with the error and run the fixed, latest build.

The auto-supersede feature adds a new state, skipped, to the build list.


To enable the auto-supersede feature, go to project settings, select the Build triggers tabs and select the Auto-supersede builds radio button to On.

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 10.54.05 AM.png

See Skipping builds on the same branch for more information.

Update to CodeShip Basic

ChromeDriver is updated to version 75.0.3770.90.

Opt-in to Build Page Beta

We are planning to change the look and feel of the build details page for CodeShip Basic. You can participate in the opt-in beta for the United Build Page to help provide feedback.

To opt in the United Build Page beta, from the top-level navigation:

  1. Click the drop down arrow, to open the user account menu.

  2. Select Personal Settings. personal-settings.png

  3. Scroll down to Early Stage Beta and look for Updated Build page.

  4. Toggle the Updated Build page switch to on. UpdatedBuildPage.png

You can also opt in on the build details page by clicking the Try the new beta version of this page link in the purple banner. buildpage.png

To provide feedback, just email feedback@codeship.com

Updates to CodeShip Basic

CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • OpenJDK 11 was added.

  • The following languages were updated:

    • Ruby 2.6.3

    • JRuby

    • Python 3.4.10

CodeShip Basic Builds run on Ubuntu Bionic

All customers are now running Ubuntu Bionic. See Ubuntu Bionic On CodeShip Basic for more information.

Updates to CodeShip Basic

CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • Ruby 2.4.6 was added
  • The following Python versions were added:
    • Python 2.7.16
    • Python 3.5.7
    • Python 3.7.3

Updates to CodeShip Basic

CodeShip Basic has the following updates:

Enhancements to Build Only On Pull Requests

GitHub Enterprise projects can now choose to only trigger builds when opening, updating, or closing Pull Requests. See Configuring Build Triggers for more information.

Updates to CodeShip Basic

CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • The following Ruby versions are added:

    • Ruby 2.5.4
    • Ruby 2.5.5
    • Ruby 2.6.2
  • The following tools are updated with new versions:
    • Chrome 73
    • ChromeDriver 73.0.3683.68
    • Firefox 65.0.2
    • geckodriver 0.24.0
    • Go 1.12
    • Elasticsearch 6.6.1
    • Gradle 5.2.1
    • Ant 1.10.5
    • leiningen 2.9.1
    • sbt 1.2.8
    • Maven 3.6.0
    • cf-cli 6.43.0
    • gcloud CLI 232.0.0

No published changelogs yet.

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