CodeSandbox changelog
CodeSandbox changelog

July Update





We've just deployed a very big update, you can find all the details here: .

This is a summary of the new features:

Prettier on CSS





You can now also Prettify CSS files.

Linter indenting





The linter complaining about indentation is fixed! It was an uglification issue.

Emmet functionality





Thanks to @vueu we now have official support!

CodeSandbox CLI





We released an official CLI to upload your projects to CodeSandbox. You can install the CLI by running npm i -g codesandbox. You can find the source here: .

Import from GitHub





You can now import create-react-app projects from GitHub! You can do this by copying the url of the project and replacing with

Source has been released





The source of the CodeSandbox client has been released, you can find it here:

Don't hesitate to fork and create a pull request for a feature you'd like to see!

Edit Embeds





It's now possible to play with embeds, even when they are embedded in for example Medium.

Improved performance of first render





The first render of a sandbox is now much, much, much faster! (About 2 seconds)

Clear console between renders





You can now find the 'clear console' option in your preferences. Your developer console will be cleared between each render when this is enabled.