Coderbyte changelog
Coderbyte changelog

Leave comments on open-ended answers

In a candidate report, you can now leave comments on individual answers if you are logged in as an admin. Scroll down to the open-ended answers section in the report, and you'll be able to write and save individual comments for other admins to see.

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Saving custom question sets

You can now save custom multiple choice and open-ended question sets to your Customization library which allows you to easily reuse these questions in assessments. You also have the ability to bulk save questions you created within an assessment into a new custom question set.

More info here.

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Country / browser information

You can now see what browser was used and from what country a candidate solved each challenge in. This information is automatically available in your candidate reports as of December 20, 2022.

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SSO via identity providers

Aside from our magic link add-on, you can now connect to any identity provider to enable SSO on Coderbyte.

In your settings go to Single sign-on and you can enable it there.

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Graded Jupyter Notebooks challenges

Utilizing our new unit testing flow for custom challenges, you can now create custom Python tests to auto-grade your candidates Jupyter Notebook solutions.

You provide a file that is hidden to candidates, and then that is used to auto-grade their solutions against a correct output or solution you also provide.

Learn more here.

Unit testing

Aside from the standard input/output test cases, you can now upload unit tests for your custom challenges. When creating a custom graded challenge, toggle to Unit Testing, then select an option from the unit testing frameworks we offer. Currently we offer Mocha for JavaScript, Jest for front-end languages, pytest for Python, with more to come.

Learn more here.

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Custom ungraded challenges

You can now create ungraded custom challenges with no test cases. This is great if you want to have your candidates build a front-end application, or write a complex SQL query just to see how they approach the problem and structure their code. Your team can then manually grade the solutions.

More info here.

Custom SQL challenges

You can now create your own custom SQL challenges on Coderbyte. In your dashboard go to the Customization section, toggle to SQL and provide a database and solution query which will then generate an output table for your candidates to check their code against.

Read more on custom challenges in our guide.

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Editing custom challenges

We removed the custom challenge review process for current customers on Coderbyte, so now you can easily add, edit, and delete your own custom challenges. Simply add your challenge description, then add your test cases along with the input/output types and click upload! Read more here.

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Introducing project-based challenges

You are now able to utilize the file-tree on Coderbyte to have your candidates solve project-based challenges which are meant to simulate real developer projects.

This is a great way for you to offer data science, machine learning, and full-stack developer challenges to you candidates because these types of skills typically involve modifying multiple files and creating a larger application.

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