Latest ZTF audiobooks: Enjoying the Pre-Marital Life

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This new audiobook, Enjoying the Pre-Marital Life by Z.T. Fomum deals with the problems encountered in the premarital life. It looks at the sexual life, when it should be started, and the solution to the problems that arise from it. These solutions are brought forth to ensure lasting happiness.


God is the Creator of sexual intercourse. He wanted men to enjoy it, but only on the condition that it happens according to established rules. However, many, willingly or out of ignorance, violate this rule by abusing their sexual lives with all forms of vices.

The kind of premarital life you lead has multiple consequences, with a real impact, on the present, and on the future. God, in His love, has given us salvation through the incarnation of Christ, His death, and His resurrection.

Illustrated by several testimonies of healing and restoration, you will find, in this book, the answer to your problem.