Cloudy24 changelog
Cloudy24 changelog Launched Version 3





We have added all the new enhancements below…

  1. We have added " Offers" page in the header so that you/customers can find out the all running offers at [URL:]

  2. We have added "ChangeLogs" Page so that you and the cloudy24 team can keep track of new enhancements/changes. [URL:]

  3. We have added the "Sitemap" for better navigation [URL:]

  4. We have added the "Feedback & Rewards Program" for existing customers so that they can take a participate in that and earn exciting rewards [URL:]

  5. We have added " Cloudy24 Android App Features" Page in the footer [URL:]

  6. As we rated "Excellent" on "Trustpilot" You can read our customer feedback here [URL:]

  7. Now all plans are listed on our HomePage.

  8. and some Bugs fixes submitted by our customers.

And a special thanks to our Sr. Designer Riya Vasan for putting her Precious Time and efforts for making that much awesome.

If you have found a security or an abuse risk related bug in a Cloudy24 product and want to report it to us, you've come to the right place. please email us at If that will be a valid vulnerability report, it might also be eligible for a reward as part of our Feedback & Rewards Program. Thanks!

Thank you for reading and enjoy Cloudy24's Web Hosting!