Cloudimage release notes
Cloudimage release notes

Cloudimage 22.04 Released!

This monthly release is categorized as follow:

  • BT (Beta Testing): feature in Beta, feedback welcome!
  • SR (Stable Release): tested and stable after 1 release in BT (~ 1 month)
  • RI (Resolved Issues): resolved issues and problems, tested and stable

Transformation Engine

  • (SR) AVIF format support

AVIF images are now available as a standard option (for compatible browsers). This is an asynchronous process so the first request will return the next best format while the AVIF is created in the background, to be sent on the following requests. Doc here

Admin Console

  • (SR) Improved Statistics documentation

We reviewed and described all measurements available in the "Stats & Logs" and added the precise description of the measurements so you can tell exactly what is looked at, and of course request additional measures should you need them. Doc here

Plugins & Integrations

  • (SR) Wordpress plugin improvements (v3.1.1)

The Wordpress x Cloudimage plugin was updated with user feedback for UI -tooltips- and more intuitive default settings. Doc here

  • (SR) Magento plugin improvements (v2.0.2)

The Magento x Cloudimage plugin received new advanced settings like "max Pixel Ratio" and "fotorama compatibility" mode. -pending Magento approval- Doc here

  • (SR) 360 plugin's improvements (v3.0.1)

Brand new 360 plugin! The 360's design changed with showing live preview for different examples, live configurations change with possibility to copy code, padding the top using branding & many new improvements. Doc here & Demo there