[Admin Console] 4.2.1

  • Fixed issue with field validation
  • Fixed globalization issue in Toast messages

[Admin Console] 4.2.0

We are excited to release following new features and fixes to the Cloudimage Admin Console:

Affiliate Dashboard

  • added Affiliate dashboard for Cloudimage users to create affiliate link, share and track conversion / rewards


  • added support for custom CNAMEs configuration from the Admin Console (and not request via Cloudimage Support). Available for STARTUP and higher plans.
  • added option to enable the CDN delivery of static files like JS/CSS/PDF …
  • adapted Uploader styling to match with overall Admin style guide

Release Notes

  • Release Notes now available as widget in the Admin

User management

  • removed requirement for invited users to go through email validation process


  • fixed an issue whereby the default image delivered for missing origin images could not be reverted back to the Cloudimage default image

[Admin Console] v4.1.0

We are excited to release following new features to the Cloudimage Admin Console:


  • added support for Origin Prefix under Image Settings > Domains to shorten Cloudimage URLs by prefixing all origin calls with the Origin Prefix. An Origin Prefix is like an empty Alias.
  • added support for Rules under Image Settings > Rules to allow default operations and filters to be applied to images based on a folder / filename pattern
  • changed behaviour of SVG option to not resize SVGs by default
  • introduced option for customer to change company name in first step of onboarding process if left empty during registration
  • added Service Terms and Conditions acceptance requirement at step 5 of the onboarding process for new customers and new menu item in user menu to view Service Terms and accept them
  • added downgrade warning for customers having selected paid plan but not entered billing details / card
  • added refresh button for refreshing invalidation status under Invalidation and improved invalidation logging
  • introduced accordion menu to improve browsing
  • translation improvements in German and French

Billing / Invoicing

  • refactored Billing and Invoices to group them in one submenu Billing / Invoices with tabs
  • added currency selector in Billing for customers to select billing currency (EUR and USD available for now, more to come)
  • added option for customer to proactively pay an unpaid invoice with credit card if initial charge failed
  • added option to add 2 accounting emails for receiving invoices

[Admin Console] v4.0.0

Introducing a complete new design of the Cloudimage Admin Console

Over the last past months at Scaleflex, we have worked on unifying all admin interfaces of our products into one shared admin kit. The v4.0.0 introduces the new admin kit and adds many improvements in the user experience of your Cloudimage Admin.