Cloud IAM updates
Cloud IAM updates

📒 Billing details




The billing details and invoices are now available directly in the organization screen through the 'Billing details' button.


⏬ Faster and more reliable Keycloak data export




Thanks to our customers feedback, we completely rewrote our Cloud-IAM Keycloak full data export feature.

It's now faster and more reliable, you can now get a full data export of your deployment in one click, including the complete realm configuration and users in JSON format.

Learn more about Deployment Export in our documentation.


🛡️ Limit access with IP allowlists




IP allowlists are now configurable for paid deployment 🎉

Cloud-IAM has two types of IPs alllowlist:

  • OpenID APIs endpoints: these urls are related with the end-user (Cloud-IAM customer's own customers) endpoints for login, sign up, forgot password and the underneath REST APIs required to get authenticated and generate JWT access tokens
  • Keycloak REST Admin endpoints: these urls are related with the Keycloak administration console and Keycloak admin REST API endpoints.

Learn more about Cloud-IAM Keycloak IP allow list in our documentation.


⚙️ Invite team members!




As an organization owner, you can now:

  • edit the organization name (and much more to come!)
  • invite team members
  • revoke team members

Note: first ask your team members to create a Cloud-IAM account in order to be able to invite them.

Learn more about organizations in Cloud-IAM documentation.


Update your password




(Finally!) update your password from your settings page.


Need help? Welcome our Ticket Center!




Currently all of our team centralize our support through Crisp Chat and until now mainly through the email channel. Some of you asked for tickets instead so here it is directly from your dashboard in the Support tab.


Improved /metrics OpenMetric endpoint




Metrics are now aggregated depending on the metric type and still yield in OpenMetric textual format. See /metrics API endpoint for more information.

Note: metrics are only available on dedicated infrastructures (paid plans).

Self-service billing management

🎉 Cloud-IAM new customer portal let you:

  • update your default payment method
  • update your billing information
  • list and download your invoice history

Known limitation: Note that currently only the email used to receive Cloud-IAM invoices will work.

Logs v2




Logs are now way more reliable and faster for cluster with high-loads. See /logs API endpoint for more information.

Keycloak v15.1.1 Critical Update




A critical flaw (CVE-2021-4133) was found today in Keycloak version from 12.0.0 to 15.1.0 which allows an attacker with any existing user account to create new default user accounts via the administrative REST API even when new user registration is disabled.

Every Cloud-IAM's Keycloak deployments were seamlessly upgraded to v15.1.1.