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Cloud Campaign updates

Pinterest Alpha Release





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We're excited to release the Alpha version of the Cloud Campaign + Pinterest integration! Now, you can connect your Pinterest accounts (both personal and business) to Cloud Campaign. Now, you can easily link/relink accounts, create and edit content, publish, and auto-import from Pinterest like you can with your other social profiles.

Please reach out to us if you're interested in the Pinterest integration and want to request Alpha access.

Below, you'll find a comprehensive list of what's supported and what's still to come with our Alpha release:

Pinterest Alpha Functionality:

Content: Video (business account only), Image, Link, Text as caption with other media but not Text Only.

Profile: Business or Personal.

API rate limit: 15 writes per user per hour.

Important Notes: The title of content in Cloud Campaign will post as the title of the pin. If the title is extrapolated from platform-specific captions, the Pinterest caption will be used to extrapolate the title that should post to Pinterest.

Linking or relinking a Pinterest account: You need to be signed in to the account you want to link before clicking on Pinterest within Cloud Campaign. When an account is first linked, the most recently modified board is selected as a default board.

Pinterest Alpha Release Notes and Limitations:

  • Linking/relinking accounts, content creation/editing, publishing, auto-importing included.
  • Does not yet work on mobile.
  • No analytics, no community management (social inbox, DMs, mentions), no activity feed.
  • To see what boards are selected for content, you'll need to open the edit content modal and look at the Publishing section.
  • As of now, if a post fails to some boards but succeeds to others, Cloud Campaign will say that the post succeeded.
  • Archived and non-archived boards are treated identically in Cloud Campaign (no indication of what is and isn't archived).