Cloud Campaign updates
Cloud Campaign updates

New Mobile Dashboard

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Look here! We're introducing the new, mobile-friendly Cloud Campaign dashboard! We've pared down the complexity of our web interface to simplify mobile workflows for marketing agencies and freelancers who need to keep up with their clients while on-the-go. The mobile dashboard is now available to all customers.

Dashboard View

Dashboard View 3.gif

The new mobile dashboard homepage allows you to digest all of the important stats and updates from all of your clients and social profiles. You can quickly see the accounts and integrations linked up to a client's profile, who has access to the Cloud Campaign workspace, the posts that have gone out, and how they're performing.

Create View

Create View.gif

The Create View in the mobile dashboard allows you to create content and post from anywhere. With the ability to add custom images, videos, and links directly from your phone, as well as direct access to Pexels' database of copyright-free images, you can plan out and post your client's content at a moment's notice.

Schedule View

Schedule View 2.gif

From the Schedule View, you're able to see all of the upcoming and published posts for your client's social profiles. When you're managing multiple accounts and clients, the mobile schedule view can help you stay organized and ensure you're keeping up with your client's needs. Our Instagram Grid Preview even allows you to easily visualize what a post will look like when it hits your client's Instagram profile, helping you make changes quickly, if necessary.

Social Inbox

Social Inbox 2.gif

The mobile version of Cloud Campaign's Social Inbox will be a fan favorite. Now you can manage all of the engagement with each and every one of your social profiles in one place. From here, you can see messages and engagement with your social profiles, quickly respond to questions, and consistently stay in touch with your clients and customers from a mobile-friendly interface.

To use the mobile web app:

To use the mobile web app, log into your account on with your mobile device. Once you've logged in, you'll be able to easily start utilizing the available mobile features including: view linked accounts and integrations, users, posts that have gone out and their performance, create and post content, view all of the upcoming and published posts, access the Instagram Grid preview, and you can see messages and engagement with your social profiles!

Need to access a feature that is not yet released on mobile? No problem! You can quickly toggle from the mobile web app to the desktop view to access these features by simply clicking the "Aa" icon in the upper-right hand side of your screen. Once you click "Aa," you'll want to click "Request Desktop Site" to toggle to the desktop view!

Want to learn more or try it for yourself? Head to our live, interactive demo or sign up for a 14-day, free trial.