Cloud Campaign updates
Cloud Campaign updates

Hashtag Reporting is Live!





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After a successful Beta launch, our Hashtag Reporting functionality is now ready and available for all Cloud Campaign users! In addition to robust analytics for hashtag performance across all social channels, we've added a helpful walkthrough to help new users get acquainted with the platform.

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As you first dive into the platform, the optional guide can educate users on where to find the analytics they're most interested in. The Beta release allowed us to show off the top hashtags section of the platform, but we've also included a new section with this release - number of hashtags per post.

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Hashtag Reporting can empower agencies to better understand their clients, their marketing initiatives, and keep clients informed about the growth of their social profiles. Start making the most of marketing campaigns, social profiles, and hashtags with our brand new Hashtag Reporting features! Track custom hashtags, keep up with trends, and learn exactly how hashtags perform across different platforms and impact performance.

If you're already a Cloud Campaign customer, please reach out to us if you're interested in learning more about Hashtag Reporting or have questions about how it works. If you're not already a customer, sign up for a 14-day, free trial or talk to our team today!