Cloud Campaign updates
Cloud Campaign updates

Hashtag Reporting (Beta)





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Hashtags are the bread and butter of social media strategy. Now, Cloud Campaign is able to provide you better insight into the way hashtags are performing across all your clients and social profiles. With the Beta release of our Hashtag Reporting functionality, you can see engagement and impression data for hashtags for all social accounts and determine what works best for you and your client's business.

Want to start getting the benefits of Hashtag Reporting? Getting Beta access is as easy as pressing a button. If you select your profile in the upper right corner of Cloud Campaign, you'll then navigate to Account Settings. Once you're in Account Settings, you'll select User Settings and at the bottom of this page, you can enable Beta Mode. Beta Mode not only gives you access to Hashtag Reporting, but it also allows you to use any future functionality that Cloud Campaign releases to Beta.

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Please reach out to us if you're interested in learning more about Hashtag Reporting or have questions about how Cloud Campaign improves social media marketing and client retention for agencies.