Cloud Campaign updates
Cloud Campaign updates

Category-Based Reporting is Live! (in Beta)





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With Cloud Campaign's approach to content management and social strategy being so heavily involved in this idea of categories, we're happy to say we now offer category-based reporting! Under Analytics > Category, you can now see statistics on your most used, viewed, and engaging categories in Cloud Campaign. This feature helps you better understand the kind of content that's working with your audience and push more content through high-performing categories.

While the dashboard is only in Beta right now, anyone can get access to it. Simply navigate to the upper right corner of Cloud Campaign, select Account Settings and select User Settings. At the bottom of the subsequent page, you can enable Beta Mode. This will give you access to the new category-based reporting tab in Cloud Campaign.

If you have any additional questions about category-based reporting or how to get access to it, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at