Cloud Campaign updates
Cloud Campaign updates

Cloud Connect Beta is Live!





Cloud Connect is a new Beta feature you can use within Cloud Campaign to let your clients link or reconnect their social media accounts without them logging in or sharing user names or passwords. It's a fast, easy, and safe way to connect your client's account to Cloud Campaign.

Watch this short video to learn how to enable Beta Features within Cloud Campaign so you can begin using Cloud Connect today. If you experience any issues using Cloud Connect, please shoot us a note at

Category & Hashtag Analytics Improvements






View Your Most Engaging Content

You can now see the content associated with your most engaging categories and hashtags! In Category and Hashtag Analytics (under Monitor), click on the new filter icon to see the top posts in your content library.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 10.46.55 AM.png

Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

We’ve also analyzed attributes across thousands of social media posts, developing key insights to help you make faster data-driven marketing decisions. Navigate to your Category or Hashtag Analytics (under the Monitoring section) to access the new “Insights” box showing what content your audience engages with the most over a specific time frame.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 12.47.13 PM.png

Let us know if you have any questions about this new functionality or how it can improve the way you engage with your media library. Drop us a line at if you need any assistance navigating your Category or Hashtag Analytics.

Category-Based Reporting is Live!





Group 38.png

Category-based reporting has moved out of Beta Mode and is now generally accessible to all Cloud Campaign users. Under Analytics > Category, you can look at the data behind all your Cloud Campaign categories and see your most used, viewed, and engaging content categories — helping you drive a smarter social media marketing strategy as you go forward.

Try it for yourself and see how other agencies are getting better results from their categories with category-based reporting. Reach out to us at if you have any questions about how to navigate your category analytics.

Social Inbox Comment Hiding & Deletion (Beta)





Group 36.png

The social inbox continues to become more robust. Now, you can hide and delete comments from your posts directly from the Cloud Campaign social inbox dashboard. At the moment, this feature is in Beta mode but can be enabled by anybody in Cloud Campaign.

To enable Beta Mode, simply navigate to the upper right corner of Cloud Campaign, select Account Settings and select User Settings. At the bottom of the subsequent page, you can enable Beta Mode.

Let us know if you have any questions about how this new functionality improves the way you interact with your audiences through Cloud Campaign's social inbox. Reach out to us at if you need anything at all!

Bug Fixes and Improvements





Group 37.png

Over the past few weeks, we've made minor improvements and fixed small bugs causing problems for our users. Below is a short list of some of the bug fixes we've pushed out:

  • Canva authentication issue resolved.
  • Special character currency issue fixed for ad analytics (Euros are now €).
  • Youtube title and description bug fixed.
  • Instagram post stability issues have been resolved.

Please let us know if you encounter any other issues by reaching out to us at or chat with us here.

Category-Based Reporting is Live! (in Beta)





Group 32.png

With Cloud Campaign's approach to content management and social strategy being so heavily involved in this idea of categories, we're happy to say we now offer category-based reporting! Under Analytics > Category, you can now see statistics on your most used, viewed, and engaging categories in Cloud Campaign. This feature helps you better understand the kind of content that's working with your audience and push more content through high-performing categories.

While the dashboard is only in Beta right now, anyone can get access to it. Simply navigate to the upper right corner of Cloud Campaign, select Account Settings and select User Settings. At the bottom of the subsequent page, you can enable Beta Mode. This will give you access to the new category-based reporting tab in Cloud Campaign.

If you have any additional questions about category-based reporting or how to get access to it, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Instagram Video Thumbnails





Group 32.png

We've heard your feedback around selecting a thumbnail of your choice when sharing videos on Instagram. We're happy to say that, as of today, you can take a frame of your choosing and make it the thumbnail image for your Instagram videos! 🎉

When you go to post content to your channels or when you're adding content into the content library, you'll simply scroll through the video to find the frame you like and select the screen icon (in Content Library) or "Use Frame as Thumbnail" (in the Post Now section).

Customize the look and feel of your Instagram feed just a little bit more with custom thumbnails when uploading Instagram videos. If you have trouble using this feature, please reach out to our support team at

Social Inbox Improvements





Group 35.png

We heard your feedback around slow load times in our social inbox. So, we enhanced the social inbox and made it more performant - posts pushed into the social inbox will load faster and nested comments will also load on demand. The Social Inbox improvements allow you to start responding to customer inquiries and interacting with people across all social profiles without delay.

Dynamically Spin Up Workspaces From a Form Using Zapier (Beta)





Group 31.png

Onboarding new clients and brands into Cloud Campaign has never been easier. With a free Zapier account, Cloud Campaign users can now dynamically spin up new workspaces with a simple form submission.

Watch the following video guide for tips on setting up the Zap. (Note: The trigger doesn't need to be WuFoo.)

The Zap is in Beta right now so users need to join using a special link. Please reach out to our support team to request access to the Beta program.

Get More Insights on your Top Performing Post-Types!






We heard from you that it’s difficult to visualize what your top performing content looks like. Sure, you could check the Post Insights tab, but what actually is a Video Post with Long Caption Asking a Question?

Well, good news, you can now click on the description in the Post Insights section and see all of your content that matches the post type characteristics. No more guessing what your top content is. Give it a try today!