Cloud 66 changelog
Cloud 66 changelog

Vultr API Updated Support




We now natively support the latest Vultr API, and correspondingly have additional regions and sizes (plans) available! For existing Vultr customers, please head over to your Cloud Platforms, and re-authenticate with your Vultr API key to use the latest API.

CX Toolbelt Performance Update




For customers with large numbers of applications in their accounts, the cx toolbelt commands that target single applications will now be a lot faster thanks to some performance optimisations we've just rolled out!

Elasticsearch v8.6.x Now Supported




We're happy to announce that Elasticsearch v8.6.x is now available and will be the default version installed when new ElasticSearch clusters are created. You can of course still specify to install an older version via your manifest. To migrate your existing Elasticsearch cluster, please follow our help guidelines for migrating Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch 8.x provides enhancements to vector search capabilities, native support for modern natural language processing models, increasingly simplified data onboarding, and a streamlined security experience. Elasticsearch 8.x ushers in a new era of speed, scale, relevance, and simplicity. For more information please see the official release notes.

Maestro using Containerd for newer K8s versions




New Maestro applications that are created (or upgraded) to Kubernetes v1.24+ will now use containerd on the backend as a direct replacement for Docker. This changes was driven by the Kubernetes platform, and means that Docker will no longer be present on Maestro applications in future.

This is just a heads-up notification, customers should not notice any operational difference. Builds, deployments, configurations should still continue to work exactly as they did before!

If you want to read more about this change, please see the official release notes!

Announcing Wildcard SSL Support




We are very happy to finally announce support for Wildcard SSL certificates! This is live and available now. Our options for adding an SSL certificate to your application are now updated to include the following:

Due to their nature, Wildcard SSL certificates required access to your DNS Provider to validate. We've added a new section under your account external services to provide your DNS Provider API credentials. See our help documentation for more information!

Announcing MongoDB v6.0.x Support




We now support MongoDB v6.0.x by default for new installations. And, yes, you can still specify installation of an older version if you wish via your manifest.

MongoDB v6.0.x boasts the following features:

  • Even more support for working with time-series data.
  • A better way to build event-driven architecture.
  • Deeper insights from enriched queries.
  • More operators, less work.
  • More resilient operations.
  • Additional data security and operational efficiency.
  • A smoother search experience and seamless data sync.

For more information please see the official release notes!

Announcing Ubuntu 22.04 Support




It has been a while in the building and testing (and dependency pruning), but we are now very pleased to announce that Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy) is now supported across all Cloud 66 products. Some of our customers have been waiting for this for a while, and we thank them for their patience!

From this point onward, brand new applications will have Ubuntu 22.04 installed. One caveat is that Rails/Rack users must be on at least v3.1.0 of Ruby to use Ubuntu 22.04 due to core OpenSSL version changes.

Don't forget, you can control your target Ubuntu version through your manifest. For more on this, check out our blog post!

SSH Key Flow Changes




Today we are releasing a change in the way we distribute SSH keys to your servers. Until now, accessing servers via SSH meant downloading a private SSH key from you Cloud 66 dashboard and using it to access the servers (this was the same in CX Toolbelt). With today's release we are reversing this flow: you can now upload your public SSH key to your Cloud 66 account which will be transferred to any server you have access to. When you need SSH access to the server, you can use your own private SSH key.

We will keep both methods operational until mid March 2023. From mid March 2023, the old method of SSH key access will be deprecated. You can read more about this change in our blog.

New AWS Region (Spain)




We have added support for the Europe (Spain) AWS region. ¡Por favor disfrutalo!

Ruby 3.2 Support Released




For our Rails/Rack customers, the latest Ruby release v3.2.0 is now available. This is brand new, and Gems are still catching up, so please ensure your application works locally with this before upgrading. And don't forget, you can use your manifest to configure your Ruby version!

Ruby 3.2 comes with "Production-ready" YJIT support, you can experimentally enable this in your application by adding the Environment Variable RUBY_YJIT_ENABLE with the value 1.

For more information, see the official release notes!