Cloud 66 changelog
Cloud 66 changelog

New Ruby versions released




For our Rails/Rack customers, the latest Ruby releases v3.1.3, v3.0.5 and v2.7.7 are now available. These are primarily security patch releases. For more information, see the official Ruby release notes

Hetzner Native LB/VPC/Snapshots




I'm pleased to announce that we now support the following on Hetzner Cloud:

  1. Native load balancers: you can now use native LB11, LB21 and LB31 load balancers, just fire up a new load balancer to see the options
  2. VPC configuration: you can use your manifest to configure your applications to share private networks (the default of one private network per application has not changed)
  3. Deployment snapshots: for those speedy server scale-ups!

If you've been waiting for this one, go forth and Hetzner!

Redis 7.0 Now Supported




We now support Redis v7.0 by default for new Redis installations! You can still specify an older version if you wish via your manifest. This Redis update brings yet more performance, stability and security enhancements.

Introducing Account Protection Level




No one likes passwords, but what about two factor authentication? If you're like me, you don't like taking your phone out every time you want to login to your Cloud 66 account. That's why we added WebAuthn support for fingerprints and FaceID three months ago.

Today, we're rolling out another security feature for your Cloud 66 accounts: Account Protection Level or APL for short. APL skips TFA security if it thinks your access is secure and there is no need to use TFA to verify it further. Of course, you can change this behavior on your Account page to a more relaxed to strict policy.

Also, invited users to your team will have to have the same or a more strict APL setting.

Streamlined Team Management Navigation




We’ve improved the UI for team management. You can now find all the team-related features in Account Settings > Collaboration. This includes new pages for managing team membership and assigning roles and access permissions for applications and account wide features. Learn more about the features.

Maestro On-Demand Jobs Supported




We now support setting your Maestro job schedule to be "on-demand" and allow you to manually invoke the job via "Run Now" in the UI, or via the CX Toolbelt

Updated Sidebar Navigation

Configuration has moved into Application Settings. This consolidates the majority of the configuration pages into a single place for easier location. Network specific settings are still grouped into a single area.

Additionally, we’ve moved Preview Deployments from Application Settings to the application overview page. For more info read our blog post: Review changes before deploying to production.




CX Toolbelt Servers List Update




The servers list command of the cx toolbelt has been updated to now allow output columns to be specified, which allows extra information about servers to be displayed. For a full list of available columns, please run: cx servers help list

New Kubernetes Version Released




For our Maestro customers, Kubernetes version (v1.23.x) is now available and will be the default version installed when new Maestro applications are created (as well as the default version installed when existing Maestro applications are upgraded).

Clone and Delete Application Have Moved into the Settings & Information page

Clone and Delete application can now be found on the Settings & Information page in the new "Application Actions" section.