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Linode monitoring Disk gauge chart





Fixed the Disk gauge graph in the Monitoring section

Free domain fix





Resolved an issue with the free domain ( that prevented sites from successfully installing on servers.

New support desk





We've changed up our support desk and have moved to Zoho (previously we were using Zendesk).

This move lets us expand our support capabilities as we now have more agent seats available to us. 🙂

Also, we embedded a support request form at

Server hostname





We've added a slight improvement for the server hostname. You can now use periods in the server hostname in addition to alpha-numeric values and hyphens.

CleanShot 2021-03-12 at 20.18.32.png

Non-www to www redirects





Fixed an issue where non-www to www redirects were not correctly redirecting in some cases.

Site level access logs





Made a small improvement to write to site specific NGINX access logs.

WordPress Config File





We've updated the assigned user group and permissions for the wp-config.php file to keep it in the same user group as the other files.

AWS t3 plans have been added!






You can now provision AWS EC2 t3 plans from Cleavr.

SSL - DNS check fix





There was an edge case where the button to add a new site when SSL option is enabled or adding SSL post site creation appeared to be a dead button and did not allow users to move forward that has been resolved with this fix.

DigitalOcean Provisioning Update





The DigitalOcean issue when provisioning new servers has been resolved.


We've detected an issue with DigitalOcean's Ubuntu image which is causing new DigitalOcean provisioned servers to not operate correctly.

We have an open support ticket with DigitalOcean and will work to resolve the issue.

Please do not provision new servers on DigitalOcean until the issue has been resolved.

We have not detected issues with DigitalOcean servers provisioned prior to January 26th and these servers should continue to operate normally. Also, we checked the other VPS providers and they are provisioning normally.