PM2 info and controls in Canary!

🦜Canary now displays PM2 info for Node-based apps (Adonis, Nuxt, and standard NodeJS apps)! 🀩

CleanShot 2020-11-28 at 21.47.51@2x.png

Click on the ellipses to -

πŸ”ƒ Refresh stats and info

🎬 Re-start app's PM2 process

βš™οΈ Re-load app's PM2 process

πŸ›‘ Stop app's PM2 process

This new feature will help you troubleshoot and potentially resolve PM2-related issues with your NodeJS applications.

Bye Bye GA

πŸ‘‹. We were using Google Analytics to track usage for the marketing side of (we weren't tracking any usage on the app side).

We decided to switch to for usage Analytics and have applied usage tracking to both our marketing and app side.

A benefit of using Plausible is that they offer a self-hosted version so that we can maintain complete control of the usage data we collect.

Our usage analytics tracking will continue to be completely anonymous.

We've also updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the change.

Also, updated in our Privacy Policy is that we've revised data storage to read "Data is primarily retained within the European Union (Germany)" as we've recently switched Cleavr's servers to be hosted in the EU as opposed to the USA.

GitHub Actions integration for Adonis apps

πŸŽ‰ Adonis v4 and v5 apps are now ready for GitHub Action integration!

See the documentation section for info on how to get started. πŸš€

GitHub Actions integration for Nuxt apps

πŸŽ‰ We're rolling out web app integrations with GitHub Actions, starting with Nuxt Server (SSR) and Nuxt Static apps!

Simple to start, ready to launch πŸš€

βœ… 1-click setup, no additional config required

βœ… Build your apps on GitHub

βœ… Save server resources

βœ… Expand GitHub Action workflow to include tests

βœ… Automatic deploymentss on commit

To get started, if you've already added a GitHub VC profile, you'll need to first edit the profile and click Re-Authenticate to enable additional permissions from your GitHub account.

Then, set up a Nuxt web app and then enable the GitHub Actions integration from the web app settings page.

See the documentation section for additional info.

Nuxt Server Log Error Report

πŸ“ˆThe Log Error report is now available for Nuxt Server web applications!

Refresh cache trigger

A refresh cache trigger url is available on the site NGINX cache settings screen. Use this URL with post requests to programmatically clear cache for your site. Be sure to keep your url secret. πŸ•΅πŸΌ

Flash Deploy environment variables

πŸ”‘ Keys for default env variables are now editable for the cases you want to name them something different.

Bug squashin'


  • Fixed Log Report order by date not ordering correctly
  • Fixed db backup db selection issue
  • Fixed Flash mode db ellipsis issue where screen jumps on click
  • Resolved error when saving NGINX cache settings
  • Resolved issue with .env file not linking after Nuxt deployments

Mobile Menu for app

We're scratching away at making the Cleavr app more mobile friendly. We've tweaked some padding for smaller screens and have added a mobile friendly menu. Though, it still need some (as in a lot of) love. ❀️

Added friendly buttons

A 'Enable Monitoring' button is now visible on Server List if monitoring is not enabled. Also, a 'Complete Setup' button has been added to the Webapp list for apps that require setup to be complete.