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New Code Editor / Syntax Highlighting AND MORE!




Code editing and syntax highlighting

We've beefed up the code editors and added syntax highlighting to make it easier and more delightful to scan through and edit code. You'll see the new editor in most areas in Cleavr where you can add or edit code.

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Upgrade/Downgrade Node JS version

You can now quickly change Node JS versions without the need to delete a version and then installing a new version, which leads to downtime. In the Services section, click on the ellipsis menu for Node JS and select Upgrade/Downgrade to change NodeJS versions.

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Nuxt 3 Static

Nuxt 3 Static has been added as an app type option for Nuxt version 3.

Site/Path Restriction

The Site Authentication feature has been updated to be more granular with what path you can make authentication required to access.

Leave path as / for website-wide authentication. Or, add a directory path to make that directory required to use auth credentials to access.

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Set PHP CLI version

Need to change the PHP CLI default version for your server? In the Services section, select the overflow menu icon for the PHP version you want to set as the default CLI version and select Set as default CLI.

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Edit WordPress Configs from Cleavr




Edit WordPress config file from Cleavr

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WordPress sites now have a wp-confing.php section where you can edit your WordPress Config file variables.

Laravel logs

We've brought back Laravel logs and have added it to the Laboratory where you can request beta access.



  • Remove trailing slash for Laravel apps. Laravel typically removes the trailing slash via the .htaccess file. We've added an NGINX directive to the site configs for Laravel apps to do the same.
  • Logs improvements - in Server logs, the UX has been updated to persist the log options header as well as auto-scroll to the bottom of the logs in order to view the most current logs first.
  • Added ed25519 encryption to Custom Servers. We recently updated the SSH encryption method we use for connecting to servers. Many custom servers don't supply the new desired method by default, so we'll check and install if method is not present in order to provide a more secured connection with your custom servers.
  • Updated database env variables to reflect some recent key name updates

S3 Compatible Backups




New to the Laboratory: you can now create a backup profile and connect to standard S3 compatible APIs. From the Connection > Backup section, click to add a new profile and select S3 Compatible.

Please note that this will ask for standard connection variables. If you use a service that doesn't have some of the variables, or that enforces the use of others, please send an email to and let us know.

You can request access from the laboratory section.

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We've added a Deploy Now button to the interior pages of a Deployment Workflow so that you have quick access to deploy immediately from any of the deployment workflow pages.

We also added a Add New Site button to the all site's list.




Lastly, we deployed several UI tweaks - most notably around the list views on several key pages.

'Webapps' is now 'Deployments'





We have updated the "Webapps" section to now just simply be "Deployments". We know that the differences between what a "site" is and what a "webapp" is has been confusing, especially when first learning the Cleavr system. After thinking about it some more, we've decided that it'd be more simple and intuitive to rename the section to Deployments.

Let us know what you think!

Site Tags and filtering




You can now add tags to sites in the Site Settings section and filter site lists by the new tags.

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PHP 8.2 is now available!




PHP 8.2 is now supported by You can add version 8.2 from the server > services section.

New Hetzner Location and Laravel Filament



  • Hillsboro, Oregon datacenter location now available for Hetzner


  • Updated default NGINX config for new Laravel sites to resolve a common issue experienced when installing Filament libraries
  • Cancelled deployments are now included in pruning step

Deployment and Backup Email Notifications




Email notifications are now available for deployments and backup jobs.

To enable, navigate to the web app or backup settings, select Email notification, and select which alerts you'd like to be notified on.

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PHPMyAdmin and New AWS Regions





Added some messaging for PHPMyAdmin around supported PHP versions. The PHPMyAdmin package we use provides support for PHP 8.0 and newer. Also, the package automatically installs PHP 8.1 which updates PHP CLI to use 8.1 - we've added 8.1 to the services section as a result of this.

To update CLI version, run a Quick Script or SSH and run the following command:

sudo update-alternatives --set php /usr/bin/phpX.X

Swap x.x with the version number.

New AWS Regions

New regions, such as Zurich and Jakarta, are now available



  • Resolved some privilege-related errors with Postgres 15
  • Updates to VC profile tokens
  • Install Redis with Directus sites if Redis is not already installed

Added Postgres v15 support




Postgres v15 is now available!

You can add Postgres v15 from the services section.

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