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Minor fixes spree



  • Re-organized new sites form selection
  • Added a message for new sign-ups to encourage trialing Cleavr longer before subscribing
  • Fixed missing 7.3 PHP logo
  • Make cache settings config text area take up full available height
  • Removed monitoring from list of services options for Load Balance servers as it relies on NGINX (NGINX is not compatible with HAProxy)
  • Updated troubleshooting link in web apps to point to docs
  • Removed a gauge from custom server monitoring - we as it needs to be configured to a certain setting in which is unknown to Cleavr via custom server setup

Filesystem backups




Released a fix that was causing some filesystem backups to fail.

Note - for existing backups, you'll need to make a small edit for the fix to take place - such as change the schedule interval, save, then change back.





CleanShot 2021-10-13 at 10.32.57.png

The dashboard gives a high level overview of your servers, WordPress sites, web apps, and backups. It also provides a better onboarding experience for new users.

This is our first iteration and not all resources will appear as we limit the number of servers displayed to 5 and the other resources are limited to 10.

In the future, we plan on adding paging for resources and also adding more functionality to the create button so that you can also add new sites, web apps, and backups directly from the dashboard.

Generic Port Apps




Have internal apps on your server and want to expose their UI using a domain?

You can now do this in a cinch with the Generic Port App site type.

generic port app

Learn more

Do you use Supervisor to monitor processes? Expose the UI!

LetsEncrypt and some other fixes



  • Fixed an issue with LetsEncrypt SSL where intermediate bundle fails some SSL validation tests. Note - you'll need to reinstall LetsEncrypt SSL on a site for the change to take effect
  • Removed some needless menu items on Web App ellipsis
  • Re-ordered WordPress site creation options to base the order more on importance

Bitbucket VC Profiles





We've pushed out a fix that hopefully resolves issues that some users have reported in regards to Bitbucket VC profiles not working as expected.

This fix does require that you create a brand new Bitbucket VC Profile in connection profiles > VC profiles.

After you add the new Bitbucket VC profile, go to the web apps that are associated to the old vc profile and then update them to the new one and fill out the repo / branch-to-deploy info.

We hope this resolves the issue! Send us an email at if you continue to have issues with Bitbucket.

We apologize for the inconvenience!






  • Cleavr now performs an NGINX test before committing site level NGINX config updates so that you don't mistakenly submit changes that breaks NGINX
  • Add new database users without having to add a new database
  • You can now see what databases a user is associated to by expanding the db user row
  • Improved process for deleting UpCloud servers





  • Added validation for site authentication username, which does not allow for most special characters
  • Made deploy button inactive on web app ellipsis menu if the web app has not yet been configured
  • Added validation to site rename to make sure it's in domain format
  • Some misc UI tweaks

Modify PHP-FPM settings





If you want to increase performance of PHP-FPM, you may now modify FPM settings from the site details page.

Note, that FPM settings are set for the combination of Server User PLUS PHP Version. As in, if you modify FPM settings for Cleavr server user for PHP 7.4, then these settings will go into effect for any site using PHP 7.4 and that is assigned to the Cleavr server user.

Check out the docs to learn more!





Fixed some broken links to articles.

Auto-add DNS records, WP Admin link





  • When adding a new site, if you have a DNS profile setup, Cleavr will check to see if the domain exists and will ask you to create a new A record if not. Just trying to make the experience that much more delightful. πŸ˜€
  • The site details page now includes a link to the WordPress Admin page for WordPress sites
  • After updating the PHP version for a site, the listed PHP version not automatically updates on the site details page without the need to refresh the page

Quick Commands





🚨Awesome new feature alert!!!

Do you have commands that you need to run every once-in-a-while for your web applications?

Instead of going through the hassle of SSH'ing into your server, you can now create and run Quick Commands directly from Cleavr!

We've added a list of common Laravel commands to get you started. But, don't worry, you can create and use quick commands for any app type. πŸ˜‰

CleanShot 2021-09-22 at 19.18.32.png

Quick Commands are located in the Quick Script section on the main navigation as well as in the Quick Commands section in the web app sub-menu.

CleanShot 2021-09-22 at 19.25.47.png