Cleanvoice release notes
Cleanvoice release notes

2x Faster, better Editing & More.




Time to process 1 hour of audio..png

Cleanvoice is now 2-3x faster than ever before! We have rebuilt our AI and Software from scratch in order to make processing of audio quicker. Expect even faster results in the future.




Deadair Remover 2.0!

Besides, speed we have improved our Deadair algorithm as well.

  • Better Deadair removal in short sentences.
  • More natural deadair when dealing with mouth sounds.
  • Overall more silence removed, without sounding unnatural.

If you have a rough edit/section, write us in the chat and we can look into it. Any feedback on the quality will help us identify the week spots!




Deadair are now marked in exports.

In the next 2 weeks, we are rebuilding the webapp to make your upload experience more seamingless.

Finally, some users reported that cleanvoice is editing music as deadair. We have a solution for it, but it will take us some time to implement it. We recommend to not add your intro music for now.