Cleanvoice release notes
Cleanvoice release notes

Audition Fix




There was an issue with the markers & timestamp for Adobe Audition. This has been now fixed.

Dead Air Remover





Smart Pauses(3).png

The Dead Air Remover will shorten those moments of silence, so you can keep your podcast engaging and entertaining. It's designed with one goal: reduce dead air pauses that are too long! This feature detects and removes the pauses which are too long, without sacrificing the flow of the conversation.

FLAC Support + Filesize Limit Increase






If you can't upload your WAV files quickly, use FLAC instead. It is like the .wav format, but smaller. Cleanvoice supports it now too. FLAC occupies 60% less space than a WAV file without losing much quality.

For a more technical overview, this article explains the differences quite well





We increased the file limit per file now to 1.5 GB.

Preciser Cuts


[Fix] Preciser Cuts

An issue is that the cuts from cleanvoice were a bit too wide, resulting in eating the first letter in the beginning of a word. This issue should occur now way less often. In general, you should experience less false-positives and tighter cuts

If you have examples, where the cuts were bad, you can send them to This will help us identify the patterns where the algorithm fail.

Export Markers





image.png There isn't an easy way to see the edits. You can now use markers to find where the edits were done on the cleaned audio.

If you still prefer to edit it yourself, you can still download the timestamps instead. Just load the timestamps into your DAW with the raw audio.

Multi-track Beta





image.png You can now upload your multi-track recordings. Cleanvoice can sync the edits through all your tracks, which give you more freedom in your editing.

You can upload up to 4 tracks (if you require more, write us). Currently, this feature doesn't cost extra. (You are charged as if you uploaded one file) But this might change in the future.





  • Errors during upload will now appear
  • AI should now not remove "thoughtful" hmmm's
  • Cleanvoice removes saliva sounds correctly.

Export to Audition & Reaper






Now you can export the timestamps to Audition & Reaper. If you use another tool and want us to support it, write us on the chat.

Smart Pauses






You may have noticed that our algorithm, didn't have any pauses when cutting. We introduce Smart Pauses. When removing filler words, stuttering etc. Cleanvoice will add a pause (room noise/silence). The length of this pause is dependent on the context and tries to keep the flow of the speech as natural as possible.

New App, Stutter Removal & More

After a month of work, we finally updated the web app with some new features.

Untitled design(5).png

Here is the breakdown of what we have been working on:

Filesize limit increased to 1GB

A very requested feature, we increased the filesize limit from 400MB to 1GB. Expect us in the future to further increase this limit.

Stuttering Removal (Beta)

Stu-Stu-Stuttering is a very common artifact present in podcast interview. The AI can now detect them and clean them for you.

Mouth Sounds (Beta)

Another popular request and something which all podcasters can related to. Cleanvoice can now detect lip-smacking and teeth clacking.

Support for French

We finally support French specific filler sounds.

More precise filler sound removal

A common issue was that the filler sounds were cut prematurely. We made improvements, and you should see more precise cuts.