Cleanvoice changelog
Cleanvoice changelog

Export to Audition & Reaper






Now you can export the timestamps to Audition & Reaper. If you use another tool and want us to support it, write us on the chat.

Smart Pauses






You may have noticed that our algorithm, didn't have any pauses when cutting. We introduce Smart Pauses. When removing filler words, stuttering etc. Cleanvoice will add a pause (room noise/silence). The length of this pause is dependent on the context and tries to keep the flow of the speech as natural as possible.

New App, Stutter Removal & More

After a month of work, we finally updated the web app with some new features.

Untitled design(5).png

Here is the breakdown of what we have been working on:

Filesize limit increased to 1GB

A very requested feature, we increased the filesize limit from 400MB to 1GB. Expect us in the future to further increase this limit.

Stuttering Removal (Beta)

Stu-Stu-Stuttering is a very common artifact present in podcast interview. The AI can now detect them and clean them for you.

Mouth Sounds (Beta)

Another popular request and something which all podcasters can related to. Cleanvoice can now detect lip-smacking and teeth clacking.

Support for French

We finally support French specific filler sounds.

More precise filler sound removal

A common issue was that the filler sounds were cut prematurely. We made improvements, and you should see more precise cuts.