Cleanetto changelog
Cleanetto changelog

Self-Service Import

We added a way for you to import data from your current system by yourself!

Obviously our Customer Success team is more than happy to do a full-service import for you but if you feel like doing this yourself you can head to the "Import" tab in the Settings page.

import form.PNG

Log In Token

We added a refresh token to the log in api so that clients and cleaners don't have to log in every time they open the app. The app will keep users logged in for 48 hours before asking for credentials again.

Onboarding message pop-up fix

Fixed a bug that caused a "Please finish onboarding" message appear, even after the onboarding process had been finished.

ETA Calculation

Now when your cleaner is heading to the next event she can chose how she is going to get there and Cleanetto will calculate the estimated arrival time. If the ETA is after the scheduled arrival time, Cleanetto will email the client to let them know their cleaner has updated the arrival time. popup-method (1).pngpopup-warning (1).png

Job List

We added a place in the Cleanetto Cleaner App where cleaners can see a list of available, unclaimed jobs, view their details and claim them.Image from iOS.png Image from iOS (1).png Image from iOS (2).png

Activity Feed Alerts

We added a new alert to the activity feed to notify you when a cleaner should have arrived at a home but hasn't.

If a cleaner has not changed the status of the event to "started" within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time you'll get an alert so you can follow up and check in with the cleaner.

Secondary Email

We just added a "secondary email" to the client profile so a client can set an additional email to receive notifications.

This is useful in the case where your client wants to have someone else (like a wife/husband/assistant) get updates about the status of their cleanings.

Resume Paused Subscriptions Bug

When a client requests to pause their service we add a 100% off coupon called "Paused" to their subscription.

When the pause is about to finish that coupon has to be automatically removed so the subscription amount can be charged for the upcoming service.

We fixed a bug that was preventing the Paused coupon from being removed.

Chat Improvements

We've added an "unread message count" icon to the Client App, Cleaner App and Tenant Web App.

Cleaners, clients and you can now see at a glance if there are any unread messages.

We've also added a new Channel Category in the chat list for "Unread Chats" so that any chat that has unread messages shows up at the top.

Task created not displaying in the Activity Feed

We fixed a bug that was preventing the Activity Feed from displaying when a new task was created by a Client.