CityStrides release notes
CityStrides release notes

Logged-In Homepage Update





The homepage while you're logged in has been updated. I'm aiming for this to be more of a go-to stats page for yourself:

  • latest activities
  • recently completed streets
  • default city progress
  • some site-wide competitive stats

I don't think this is done but I'm hoping that it's better.

Share your feedback in this forum thread.

Updates From December - May






  • Imported some more cities
    • UAE
    • Hungary
    • some more from VT, RI


  • Updated the site to work with Strava's updated token usage & email removal


  • Flagging & reviewing Flagged Streets is now available to everyone
    • This is just for deletion, for now
    • I have another view of Flagged Streets that have some agreement amongst man Striders
  • Increased size of database because you all run too much :-)


  • Moved the database to Amazon RDS
    • This makes things easier for me, as there's less to manage
  • Added NodeHunter to City & Activity maps
  • Added some browser-based storage/cacheing so that map data is stored locally
    • This should speed things up a little bit for you, and decrease my bandwidth costs
  • Ran an ultimately unsuccessful test of Amazon Fargate for the background jobs
    • I built out a pretty cool auto-scaling system to be as small/large as necessary for the amount of work to do
    • This ultimately proved to be way too expensive
  • Updated payment processing flow
    • I'm still using Stripe, but I'm using their more managed flow which increases security and automatically adheres to new regulations


  • Switched DNS to CloudFlare
    • This should speed up the site a little bit and also decrease my bandwidth costs.
  • Blocked all spiders/search engines from accessing anything other than the homepage
    • This greatly decreased bandwidth costs
  • Updated Mapbox to v1.0.0
    • Their pricing changed from something that looked at map usage (zoom/pan) to something that just looks at map loads (page loads)
    • I still have an ongoing issue with treadmill runs from Strava :-(
  • Redesigned the site with TailwindCSS
    • I don't love what I have right now, but I'm way more empowered

Updates from November





  • Added two decimal places to city completion percentage
    • Many people were stuck at a certain percentage for a while, and it would take many streets to jump 1% so it was kind of boring to go for run after run and not see any progress change ... now you can see more frequent changes because you can improve .01% at a time
  • Display background job latency in left navigation menu
    • When jobs pile up (usually due to many new signups), it can cause a delay ... This delay is now shown to everyone so we're not sitting around wondering why activities are missing / progress isn't calculated
  • Paginate Striders on City & Street pages
    • Load time on some City pages was terrible because there were hundreds of Striders ... This change fixes that by paginating Striders
  • Updated alerts to be less invasive
    • The modal alerts used to grab full screen control, which was very annoying ... now they're up in the top right corner and they don't grab control
  • Navigation improvements
    • I really disliked the menu being shoved off behind a button, because it required two clicks/taps to do anything ... now the menu is shown all the time
  • Mobile view improvements
    • The mobile pages used to have a tabbed interface where the map was in one tab and the data was in another tab & now the map is above all the data ... I prefer this because there's interaction between the data and the map (click a street name to see it in the map, for example) which wasn't possible before
  • Minor progress in displaying available features to everyone
    • Node Hunter and LifeMap Live weren't shown at all to people who didn't have access to those features, which means they wouldn't know the features even existed ... now the features are displayed, but linked to the Become A Supporter page
  • Fix in background job system for some weird characters coming from Strava webhooks
    • Strava updates CityStrides when activities change (usually it's the title that changes, but sometimes it's the privacy level) & some titles included unicode characters that the CityStrides code couldn't handle ... This was a weird one that I couldn't fix, so I just drop those 'bad' unicode characters
  • Updated Mapbox to 0.51.0
  • Update Rails

New: Node Hunter





This feature started here - thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts over in this thread.

The basic idea of it is that you can go to your LifeMap page, and click the magnifying glass button in the map controls. This will place markers down on the map for all your uncompleted Nodes in view.

Pair this with LifeMap Live, and you're unstoppable!

There is a lot of potential for this feature, and this is just the start!

New Privacy Settings





Up until today, CityStrides used the privacy settings from your run tracking service. So, if you were public there then you’d be public here. If you were private there then you’d be private here.

This is very simple, and I would love to have left it at that. However… I get a lot of complaints from people that their activities are public in CityStrides. It’s probably the biggest reason (that I hear about) for people to leave the site, as well.

So starting today, CityStrides allows you to set custom privacy settings.

Existing users are set to a ‘Per Activity’ privacy setting, so there will be no change for you. New users are set so that everything is completely private by default.

The privacy settings are split into two areas:

  • There is one for Activities themselves. This applies to whether anyone will see any of your activities at all.
  • There is one for location data. This applies to maps, completed/progressed streets, running cities, and the leaderboard.

There are three options for the Activity/Location privacy setting:

  • One is ‘Everyone’, which makes your account completely public.
  • One is ‘Just Me’, which makes your account completely private.
  • One is ‘Per Activity’, which makes each of your Activities have its own setting.

Changing either of these settings (click on Settings in the menu to do that) triggers some code to run in the background. This code updates all of your activities to have the newly selected privacy level. This makes changing from one level to another take some time, but it grealy simplifies my interaction with Activities.

If you have feedback, please share it here.

ReRun Activities





There was a short discussion about this over in the Rerun/replay animations thread.

There's now a ReRun button on the page. When you click it, a marker is animated along your activity path. I've had to make this a Subscriber-only feature, because it's tied to map views & those cost $.

It's quite a simple thing, as it stands now, but it can be improved from here... One suggestion was to clear the map of the activity line, to add a layer of 'discovery' to the animation. Another suggestion was to have visual call-outs at each moment the activity completed a street.

Let me know here if there's anything else you'd like to see with this ReRun feature.

Updates from October





  • Fixed street count for cities
  • PostgIS upgrade
  • Updated Mapbox to 0.50.0
  • Display the street count for each user in their city page, so you can see their percentage complete as well as the number of streets completed in that city
  • Updated the site to handle Strava's new authentication system

Updates from June - September






  • Fix map interaction in mobile browsers
  • Fix some issues with the tabbed interface
  • Rails upgrade


  • Increased size of database (lol you all run too much)



  • Update my background job server infrastructure
  • Fix for viewing single-node streets
  • PostGIS upgrade

Weather details are back





I had to stop adding weather data to activities a while back because the process was too heavy on the database. I've cleaned that process up, so weather will start appearing in the site again.

I've only re-added this ability for people on a recurring monthly contribution. I need to work through a lot of data, and can't afford to do this for all users right away.

If I can figure out a way to open this up to everyone in the site, I will.

Visible by default





Your LifeMap is no longer hidden by default while viewing the page for a city you're running