Circa updates
Circa updates

Follow Companies Using Event Intel


Feature Release


Easily keep tabs on what other organizations in your industry are up to by following companies with Event Intel by Circa.


Going forward, any new event added to the Event Intel site that includes an organization you follow as a host or sponsor will automatically populate the list under the "Following" tab in your account. From this page you can quickly view all events and even download the list as a CSV. Learn more here.

Curious to see what else Intel can do? Sign up for our weekly demo.

Download Your Saved Events from Event Intel by Circa


Feature Release


We've added a download feature to Event Intel by Circa. Registered users can now search the Event Intel database, save events to their account, and view them using the Saved Events tab and also download those events as a CSV file.


Circa Salesforce Integration Configuration


Feature Release



A small number of Salesforce integration users have reported that they need to enable the Salesforce Streaming API to be compatible with yesterday's upgrade to the Circa Salesforce integration.

Affected users should contact their Salesforce Admin, who should take the following steps to re-enable the Circa Salesforce integration.

  1. Go to Setup > User Interface section of sidebar
  2. Click the User Interface option in the section of the same name
  3. Click the checkbox to Enable Streaming API
  4. Click the checkbox to Enable Dynamic Streaming Channel Creation

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 8.21.12 PM.png

Additionally, Salesforce Admins should enable Push Topics on the account they use to integrate Circa by taking the following steps.

  1. Go to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles
  2. Choose the profile of the user whose account is used to connect Circa to Salesforce
  3. On the Standard Object Permissions page, under 'Basic Access' make sure all four permissions (Read/Create/Edit/Delete) are enabled for 'Push Topics'. If not, select edit at the top of the page and enable.


For additional support please contact us:

Bidirectional Sync with Salesforce


Feature Release



The Circa platform now supports a bidirectional sync with the Salesforce CRM. Once connected, this integration will automatically update contacts in both systems, and connect Circa Events with Salesforce Campaigns and Opportunities allowing users to access greater insights and visualizations for expense reporting, event effectiveness, and event strategy.

Sales teams working primarily in Salesforce will be able to seamlessly share their information with their Field Marketing teams and Marketing Directors will have enhanced visibility of the sales funnel. Visit our support center to learn more.

Introducing Event Intel by Circa


Feature Release



Monitor, analyze, compare, track, and discover competitor, partner, and industry events using Event Intel by Circa.

Event Intel by Circa offers event marketers the capability to search a growing database of 100% crowd-sourced and verified b2b event data and with the Event Intel by Circa Chrome Extension, to easily capture event information from any website or registration page for competitive intelligence and strategic planning.

Event data collected using Event Intel will be aggregated and sent to you as a spreadsheet via email or create an Event Intel by Circa account to view your saved events. For current Circa customers with import permissions, you can easily import your Intel Events spreadsheet into Circa for full visibility.

Visit Event Intel by Circa on the web at

Download the Event Intel by Circa Chrome Extension here

Learn more about Intel by Circa at

Questions? Feedback? Contact us at

Dashboard Smart Search


Feature Release



Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 11.35.07 AM.png

Circa has added a platform-wide smart search in your dashboard. You can now use this search bar to easily locate any Events, Contacts, & Notes in your Workspace.

The new Circa smart search allows you to find any event in your channel by location, team, date, status, or any multitude of other fields.

To learn more about smart search and other Circa features, visit our support center.

New Dashboard design and navigation


Feature Release



Circa has a new look! This new update has totally refreshed the look of your Circa dashboard. With the new sidebar and improved menu experience, we’ve added Saved Views capability.

Now, when you use the Filter or Column dropdown menus to get the exact view you need, you can save that view for later. This way, you can have instant access to only the events you want to see.

We’ve also made it easy to share your saved views as published calendars. Share your filtered events in list, calendar, or map views.

For any questions on publishing event calendars or customizing views, visit our support center.

Circa Integration with Zapier


Feature Release



Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 4.50.03 PM.png

Circa is very happy to announce that we have joined over 3,000 apps on Zapier!

Zapier is an online tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks by integrating Circa with one or more of your favorite Project Management, Messaging, or Event Management tools. Apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Hopin!

With customizable workflows, you can create an infinite amount of automated actions, so you can focus on the tasks that really matter!

Circa also has created pre-written recipes for common workflows for your convenience.

Notify your staff of new leads with instant direct messaging, seamlessly transfer contacts between applications, automatically create new tasks each time a new event is added, and so much more!

Visit the Support Center to learn more about Zapier Integration, or email our Success Team at

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Enhanced Calendar Integration, now with RSVP Status for Event Staff


Feature Release



Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 11.14.49 AM.png

We’re excited to launch a major upgrade today to Circa’s calendar integration. Now you can automatically send calendar invites to Event Staff and track their RSVP status.

Calendar invites appear on Staff calendars like those sent manually and you can still use Circa’s built-in Permissions for Event Staff to limit access, including sharing only published Event Briefs.

Calendar invitations for Upcoming Events are sent using the Event Leader’s connected calendar. Individual Event Leaders can connect their calendars from Account Settings. Also, Admins can enable the integration in Org Settings for all the Event Leaders in their Org.

With this update, we now require all Events to have a Leader. For those Events that did not already have a Leader, we’ve defaulted to use the Event Creator.

This enhanced calendar integration works with Google Calendar and all major editions of Outlook, including Office 365, Exchange and