Chipmunk changelog
Chipmunk changelog

Version 1.12.0


  • 🎉Add automatic update functionality to the theme
  • 🎉Add shortcode for displaying how many resources are published (
  • 🎉Add Revue newsletter support
  • 🎉Add upvote/view count faker functionality
  • Add shortcode support to intro text
  • Add filter for changing resource tile excerpt length (
  • Add filter for reordering homepage resource tabs
  • Add comment pagination
  • Add custom styles for embedded content forms
  • Add Customizer option to set default content width
  • Add dynamic textarea to the submit form
  • Add mobile menu scrolling when there's many menu items and subitems
  • Add menu item dropdown active state


  • Change the default resource view to card
  • Improve the styles of the resource card
  • Update the way of counting upvotes
  • Make resource content wider when there's no thumbnail added
  • Allow to set content links color
  • Change 'Menu' button to 'Hamburger' icon on mobile
  • Clean the submit form popup on close
  • Trim longer titles on tile layout
  • Remove mobile menu when there’s no items added
  • Add some margin to the bullet lists


  • Fix issue with admin panel resource search
  • Fix issue with nav active state
  • Fix issue with missing date/views when resources have disabled dates/views
  • Fix HTML validation issues
  • Fix standard pagination
  • Fix issues with Gutenberg block styles
  • Fix issues with table alignment
  • Fix issue with form CTA alignment