Version 1.11.0


  • 🎉Add custom styles for all WP Blocks - AKA Full Gutenberg support
  • 🎉Automatically fetch images from submitted website's OG tags
  • 🎉Allow to set specific image for each collection (screenshot)
  • 🎉Add new ways to display collection tiles (screenshot)
  • 🎉Allow to set static page for user Submissions (require to contain [chipmunk-submit] shortcode in the content)
  • Add wide page template layout
  • Add ability to set content font size
  • Add option to disable cookies totally
  • Allow to modify the copyright text in footer
  • Allow to show both banner and HTML ads together
  • Add AWeber newsletter support
  • Add VK to social media links


  • Update theme color options to use CSS variables
  • Update content image alignments to be more flexible
  • Clean up custom style and set System font as default
  • Remove the default Chipmunk OG image
  • Hide empty collections from the list


  • Fix issue with upvote sorting
  • Fix issue with recaptcha for logged in users
  • Fix issues with upvoting
  • Fix small issue with main nav and pagination
  • Fix issue with resource thumbnail while website missing
  • Fix issue with Mailchimp newsletter email not getting submitted
  • Fix comment text field to allow line breaks
  • Fix comment button style
  • Fix issue with upvoting when Infinity Scroll is enabled