Chipmunk changelog
Chipmunk changelog

Chipmunk v1.17.0


  • Load google font list directly from the API
  • Remove the addons dependency - they are now enabled/disabled automatically based on your subscription plan
  • Stick footer to the bottom of the page


  • Merge setting pages into one and add tabbed navigation
  • Update the pot file and Polish translation
  • Update ACF and remove legacy addons from composer
  • Update theme credits
  • Update chipmunk logo and add some helpers for svg functionalities
  • Update submit form template
  • Fix issue with incorrect homepage resource limits
  • Fix list tile layout padding on mobile devices
  • Fix issue with chipmunk license keys
  • Fix issue with tags being huddled
  • Fix issue with infinite pagination
  • Fix issues with equal height carousel


  • Remove tags from the search results page