Chipmunk changelog
Chipmunk changelog

Chipmunk v1.15.0


  • Add ability to disable thumbnails on single resource page 🔥
  • Add multi-level menu dropdown functionality 🔥
  • Add schema tags for resources and posts
  • Add WP hook for enabling term shuffling
  • Add WP hook to change the max term length
  • Add WP hook to change the default post status for resource submissions
  • Allow displaying comments on a static page
  • Allow to pull OG images without an extension in submit form
  • Allow to set content font family


  • Rewrite content styles 🔥
  • Update heading size and structure 🔥
  • Update the negative margins on elements to new flexbox gap property


  • Remove verified functionality from the author's profile
  • Remove static page templates
  • Remove sidebar/widget functionality (will be added back with the support for new block-based widgets)


  • Fix issue with embeds not working on single resource page
  • Fix issue with hero section's negative margins