Alert channels updates & custom webhooks

We just updated our alert channels! You can now

  • Manage all alert channel preferences from one page
  • Create custom webhooks payloads
  • Add multiple Pagerduty channels

Alert channels

Checks are now "subscribed" to a channel and you can tweak which check is subscribed to which channel on the alert settings screen.

Before this update, you could also create channels per check in addition to global channel. This is no longer possible.

Note: We have migrated your "per check channels". This might result in some duplicates if you had two or more checks, each reporting to the same email. Please have a quick look on your alert settings tab and remove any double channels.

Custom webhooks

This was a long time coming and it's finally here. You now have full control over the payload of your webhook.

You can now:

  • Add tokens, keys and other secrets from your environment variables to the URL and payload.
  • Create completely custom webhook payloads using environment variables and event specific variables like the check status and name.

Have a look at our docs for a full overview of the available variables and examples of delivering webhooks to Jira and Trello.