Ongoing: Puppeteer 1.15 stability and rollback

We noticed elevated error rates on EU region browser check runners with our Puppeteer 1.15 upgrade from yesterday. All other regions seem not affected.

To investigate this, we rolled back the Frankfurt, Ireland, London and Paris regions to the previous release, version 1.11. We will keep monitoring. This should not impact any running browser checks.

Hong Kong region is live & Puppeteer v1.15

Two things on this lovely, sunny Berlin afternoon:

  • First, We just added the Hong Kong / AP-EAST-1 region for all checks! This is the first region in China and we hope it helps our Chinese customers get more relevant insights into their APIs and apps.


  • Second, we just upgraded the Puppeteer version to 1.15.0. You might notice we are one version behind the most recent, bleeding edge 1.16.0. This is on purpose so we can better control the stability of each release.

Update: reduced App & API access

Service response times are normalizing. As for now, we can see that mostly the login and dashboard features were hit most due to their fairly expensive backend queries.

Checks and alert notification seem not impaired. Our own Checkly monitoring (together with our external monitoring) actually alerted us of the issue.

We will keep monitoring and update accordingly.

Ongoing: reduced App & API access

We are experiencing issues with accessing the web app at and the underlying API. We have escalated the issue to our database management provider.

Checks are still running and alerts are still being triggered.

Setup & teardown script are now available on all plans

TL;DR: Solo developers on the Developer plan can now use setup and teardown scripts.

We just opened up the Setup & Teardown scripts feature to all accounts. We made this decision because setup scripts are turning into a core feature for all kinds of authentication duties. This is relevant to all users of all account sizes.


Better response times for success ratios

While Checkly is growing, we are redefining how and how long we store raw check results (30 days) and how long we store results rolled up to 1 hour intervals (indefinitely for now).

This had some impact on how we calculate some stats like success ratios and slowed down load times.

We just rolled out a fix that reduces response times for the homepage and the public dashboards considerably. Our own dashboard used to take roughly 1.5 secs and is now down to 300ms.

Extended view rights for read only users

Users with READ ONLY rights can now access the screens and tabs normally reserved for editing checks.

This makes it possible for your team to validate code and look up details, while still controlling editing rights.

The Checkly API is live!

Many users asked for direct API access to Checkly and I'm happy to report that we just shipped V1. Grab an API token from your account settings and you are all set to go.

Customers mentioned two primary uses cases:

  • Programmatically creating/updating checks. This is now possible through the /v1/checks endpoint.

  • Pulling & archiving check results data for either cold storage or further processing. For this we have the v1/check-results and v1/check-results-rolled-up endpoints.

The API also opens up the road to further CI/CD integrations and the development of Terraform providers.

See the full API reference docs for more details.

Multiple dashboards & SSL or custom domains

Big updates for the TV-mode dashboards!

  1. You can now create multiple TV-mode dashboards, based on your plan! The Starter plan already has five dashboards. Using tags, you can create distinct dashboards for different services, customers or departments.

  2. We just enabled free 🔒 SSL for all dashboards using a custom domain! Check out our docs for more information on dashboards.

Learn more about TV-mode dashboards.

Invoices on billing page

As of last week, you can now view and resend your invoices on the page.

All invoices from mid March 2019 onwards will be visible there. Any older invoices are still on file, but not visible. If you need a copy, just reach out to

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Checkly will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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