Checkly changelog
Checkly changelog

Duplication enhancements and more




We've made some big changes to help you quickly create checks from existing checks in your account. Duplicating checks and groups are great when you need to run similar checks against different environments or URLs, or when there are other minor variations.

  • Faster duplication: We've changed the process and now duplicating a check or group is nearly instantaneous.
  • Duplicate groups: You can now duplicate entire check groups including their checks. Simply select "Duplicate group" from the three-dot menu for the group you want to duplicate and a copy will be created.


  • Run group: You can now manually run all of the checks in a group. Select "Run group" from the three-dot menu and all checks in the group will run manually.

Events view endless scrolling and more




We released three great quality of life improvement over the last days:

  • The /events tab now has endless scrolling. No more clicking "load more" 731 times to scroll back to 2 weeks ago! 😅

  • When moving a check from one group to another, we now disable the check by default and post a warning. This is important as a check in a group might rely on group specific variables and will start failing the moment you move it. Thanks to cpressland for noting this.

  • For all Vercel users, you can now retry checks in the Vercel checks overview. Read more about integrating Checkly with Vercel in our docs.

Moving checks between groups




We got a lot of feedback on this one 😅Thanks for that! You can now move checks from one group to the other waaaay more easily than before.

Just hit the three-dot menu inside a check group and click Move to another group

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 14.05.36.png

Note, this option is also available from the main dashboard. Just fold open the group, hit the three-dot menu and click that Move to another group button.

Schedule a check directly from the results overview




You can now directly run checks from the check results page! Just hit the Run now button in the top right corner and we will schedule a fresh check run for you.

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 13.57.20.png

You could already do this from the main dashboard, but this should help quickly resolve a check when you have longer intervals and don't want to wait for the next interval to make your checks green again.

Inspect request & response headers for Browser checks




You can now inspect all request and response headers for all network requests in your Playwright based Browser checks. Just navigate to the Network-tab inside the individual check result. Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 13.28.10.png

This feature is live for all accounts, right now! Read more about tracing Playwright browser checks in our docs

Checkly Runtime 2021.10 with faker.js and updated Playwright




Checkly has released a new runtime version 2021.10. This is great news for anyone creating browser checks in Checkly, as we have added some new features and brought everything up to date.

Here are some of the highlights of runtime 2021.10:

  • Playwright 1.15.2: new Headers API, mouse wheel support, new Locators API, and more.
  • Faker - We've added faker.js so you can generate fake data in your check scripts. Checkly users requested this. See an example script here.

For the complete list of everything included in runtime 2021.10, see the runtime specification documentation.

All new Checkly accounts will use the latest runtime by default. For existing accounts, you can configure the default in the account settings page. You can also override the default runtime on a per-check or per-group level. See the documentation for details.

User-scoped API Keys




You can (and should) now create API keys on a per-user basis. Previously API keys were account-scoped and did not respect user roles and permissions. User-scoped API keys have the same roles and permissions as the user.

You can now also create multiple API keys. This simplifies key rotation and allows you to have different keys for different applications.

You can create user-scoped API keys on the user settings page. We will not be removing account-scoped API keys any time soon, but we will disable the creation of new account-scoped keys.

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 17.42.15.png

Account deletion




You can now delete your Trial or Free account directly from your account settings at


Note, if you are on a paid plan, you will first have to cancel your plan before you can remove it.

Upgraded Vercel Integration




Together with the team at Vercel we built a massive upgrade to our existing Vercel integration. Now, you can:

  • Trigger your Browser checks, API checks and Groups on each Production and Preview Deployment.
  • Block any deployment with issues or bugs right in Vercel.
  • Get detailed Web Vitals performance metrics reported directly in the Vercel UI.

Learn more about our new Vercel integration or directly install it from the Vercel Marketplace.


Performance and Error Tracing




We just launched Performance and Error tracing for Browser Checks! This means Checkly now automatically collects:

  • Network traces
  • Web Vitals
  • Console logs
  • Screenshots on every error

Learn more about Performance and Error Tracing in our docs