Status: Elevated error rates at ap-southeast-1

We saw elevated error rates on scheduling checks in ap-southeast-1 region between November 24, 2020 15:24-16.05 UTC and November 25, 2020 3:08-6:57 UTC. This should have not affected our customers and their checks must have simply scheduled at another location. The underlying cause is in our upstream cloud provider.

Maintenance at 12:00 CET

We will perform some necessary database maintenance today 12-11-2020 at 12:00. This will result in some downtime for the web app and the underlying API. We estimate the maintenance will take ~1 minute.

API check assertions can now check each element in an array

3 weeks ago we notified all existing Checkly customers we were making a subtle but important change to how we assert JSON array responses.

This change was just pushed to production some minutes ago at 13:00 CET

What is the change in a nutshell?

We are changing how JSON responses with arrays are handled when doing assertions on those arrays. Get the full story in this blogpost

Status: Elevated error rates

We saw elevated error rates on scheduling checks in multiple regions from 11:30 to 12:00 PM CET. This could have resulted in failed checks. The underlying cause is in our upstream cloud provider. We do not have a root cause yet.

The situation seems to have resolved at roughly 12:00 PM CET. We are monitoring the situation.

Update 01:00 PM: Upstream provider is stable in all regions for the last 30 minutes. We consider this incident closed but will monitor stability as normal.

Update: Terraform Provider adds snippets and goes official!

The Checkly Terraform Provider now supports snippets and Terraform v0.13.

Since today, the Terraform Provider is also available through the official Hashicorp Provider Registry!

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 15.52.06.png

Updates: filter GitHub deployments & access tags in webhooks!


We just shipped two improvements to existing features:

1. Filter GitHub deployments

You can now filter your GitHub triggered deployments using regular expressions in the CI/CD integrations tab.


When would you use this?

  1. You can now only run checks / check groups on the Preview or Production environment
  2. You can now only run checks / check groups for a specific project in your mono repo. This works great with Vercel's recent mono repo feature

2. Access tags in webhooks

All tags assigned to your checks are now available as the environment variable {{TAGS}} in your webhook templates. This way you can use tags to trigger routing decisions on your webhook integration.

We have an example on how this works in our docs

New feature: Checkly now supports Playwright!

We just released support for Playwright in Checkly's browser checks and Headless Recorder extension.

Playwright is a hot and fast developing alternative to Puppeteer with a streamlined developer experience. You can start using Playwright right now with just a require('playwright')


Note: We only support Chrome with Playwright right now.

Read our blog post for more details

P.S. we also launched the new Headless Recorder on Product Hunt! 🚀

[updated] Connection issues Oregon / us-west-2 region

We are seeing intermittent connection issue to the Oregon / us-west-2 region. This impacts scheduling checks to that region. We are investigating

update 17:45 CET

This issue seems resolved at our provider. We are monitoring.

New feature: use moment.js date formatting

We just released an update on our general templating engine! You can now use moment.js style dates and formatting directly in your URLs, query params, webhooks and basically any other place where we allow the familiar Handlebars {{variable}} syntax.

API_check___request.jpg In the example above, we use this feature to generate a UNIX epoch dates for yesterday and today. These dates are added as query parameters to a typical endpoint that uses start and end style parameters to fetch a date range of events.

For more info, check the docs on API requests and webhooks for examples.



We just launched, a free & open source knowledge base for headless browser frameworks like Puppeteer and Playwright. We are also live on Product Hunt if you want to show your support!


Our goal is to bundle and share all the knowledge we gained — for a big part from you, Checkly customers — and share it with the community so we can together learn how to write better scripts, tackle difficult scenarios and expand on practical use cases.

Read more in this blog post