CentralApp updates
CentralApp updates

Custom Reply for Table Booking





Sometimes you want to give a specific message to your clients when you confirm or refuse a booking. It's now possible with the new custom replies.

This is only available for table bookings confirmation or refusal for now.


If you have ideas on how to further improve the inbox for you. Send us your ideas at support@centralapp.com

Fixes & Small Improvements





Based on the feedback received, the following changes are now live


  • Fix an issue where addresses would be shown in the wrong language.
  • Fix an an issue where the ordering page would not show for multi-location businesses.
  • Fix an issue where table reservation would not work for multi-location businesses.
  • Improve the display of special opening hours.
  • Improved layout for location page.


  • Give priority to the Inbox in the Dashboard for active clients.
  • Add more option to compute reservation availabilities.
  • Make it possible to add events, featured messages, special opening hours that have already started.
  • Fix a long standing issue with the date range component.
  • New alerts & captions all around the app to better explain the features.
  • Hide the option to add External integrations when none are available.
  • Fix an issue where addresses would be shown in the wrong language.
  • Sort the list of press source to allow for better scan of the page.
  • Various changes to improve administration of press sources & integrations
  • Various translations have been improved & typos fixed.
  • Various design fixes.

Fix & Small Improvements





Based on the feedback received, the following changes are now live

Websites :

  • Location page: Better placement of CTA, change in order of sections, design improvements for large screen.
  • Job details page: Improved layout & SEO.
  • Event venue: Reordering of sections, better support for galeries with few images.
  • Support for larger IFRAME integration for Food Order partners (only in limited BETA with some partners)
  • Improved page title for most pages.
  • Improved layout for gallery on large screen
  • Rooms: Improved layout & various bug fixes.
  • Support for room Booking & table reservations on the same website.
  • Various bug, typos & style fixes all around the website.
  • Team members have contact details


  • Event venues page can now have descriptions.
  • Fix an issue where most text fields could not be emptied.

Takeaway & Delivery for Multi location





When running multi-location business, not all locations are offering the same ordering options & service (it could be different delivery partners, support for a local click & collect partner or the ability to order by phone).

In order for those location to communicate in a better way, a new page shows will show the list of locations that are offering ordering options & the list of those option per location when no solution has been setup up for the whole company.

If there is a solution which is set up for the company, the location-specific options will only be displayed in the location page.

If you need advice on which setup is the best for your business, you can always reach out at support@centralapp.com

Facebook Pixel





The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website.

You can use the pixel to:

  • Make sure that your ads are shown to the right people. Find new customers, or people who have visited a specific page or taken a desired action on your website.
  • Drive more sales. Set up automatic bidding to reach people who are more likely to take an action that you care about, such as making a purchase.
  • Measure the results of your ads. Better understand the effect of your ads by measuring what happens when people see them.

If you are interested in setting-up a Facebook pixel for you CentralApp website, you will need to reach out to support@centralapp.com in order to verify your domain with Facebook.

Featured Messages





Sometimes you want to give a specific message to your visitor and make sure they read it as soon as they land on your website.

We have chosen to released featured message which takes the form of a bar that will be displayed at the top of your website to avoid the usual annoying pop-up which are often closed before they are read by your visitor.

Type of featured messages

There are three types of "messages" you can choose from

  • Business Objective : Choosing a business objective is often the best option if the end goal of your message is to encourage your visitor to book, order, request a quote, hire etc … The bar will have a button that will link to an internal page
  • Informative Bar : This type of bar is meant at giving a useful information which you don't expect your visitor to act on.
  • Custom : Those bars can include an external link.

Planning & Auto-publishing

You can program an unlimited list of message with a publication & expiration day so they will appear automatically on your website without any further intervention necessary on your end.

Only one message can be active at a given time so you won't be able to add overlapping publishing dates.

Custom Color

Each message can have a specific color which can be selected separately from your website color. To help you choose, our system will always suggest some colors based on your branding.


Each message can be translated in all languages of your website.

Inbox Preview Mode





The inbox and Newsletter signup can now be tested without an active website.

In order to differentiate the test done in preview and real clients request, each inbox request made in preview mode includes the tag DEMO.

Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 10.18.34.png






Giving customers the ability to book an appointment online is now a must for many service-based businesses. However scheduling an appointment can be very different if you are regular at your local hairdresser, getting in touch for the first time with an accountant or if you are booking a full-day treatment at a local spa.

With this diversity of use cases in mind we have developed a new appointment feature with 3 options:

#1 Integration with specialised appointment systems.

For this first release, we have developed integration with some booking solutions, more will be added in the coming months.

  • Generic Calendar Solution : Calendly, YouCanBookMe, SetMore, Microsoft Bookings
  • Specialised solution for Beauty: Treatwell, Fresha

#2 Appointment request Form

If you don't want to expose your agenda on the web, the appointment form is probably the best solution for you.

This forms captures the client information and their preferred time and date so you can engage directly with them.

#3 Appointment specific phone number

Businesses now have the option to provide a specific phone number for appointments.

Appointments will be available for

This feature will be available in all countries for the following industries: Beauty, Stores, Professional services, Art & entertainment, Active life.

New Icons in App





We have updated the illustration set with 25 new and updated icons to make sure each page (and upcoming page) has a unique illustration that is easily recognizable. .


Structured Data





To improve the SEO of websites, structured data have been added to all websites. Those structured data give an overall improvement of SEO but also make it possible for businesses to appear with Rich cards in search results.

All businesses and their locations are now supported with more specific support for Restaurant & Hotels. The following pages now also have structured data :

  • Events
  • Jobs
  • Store locator
  • Portfolio
  • Press
  • Hotel rooms

Regular updates will be made to make sure we keep up with the latest standard.