Causal updates
Causal updates






Views let you create saved filters on your model, to show specific variables, categories and visuals.

Click on the green Views button in the top left of the spreadsheet to create a view.



Here are a couple of ways that Views might come in handy:

1. Departmental views

If your Expenses model is broken down by Department, you can create separate views to share with each department head, where they'll only be shown the parts of the model that are relevant to them.

2. Tailored dashboards

You might need to share your model with different groups of stakeholders — the management team, the rest of the company, investors, board, etc.

Instead of creating separate models to slice the same information in different ways, you can create multiple views on the same model. Each view will limit which charts, tables, and variables are shown, so that each group of stakeholders can see a dashboard that's tailored to them.