Causal updates
Causal updates

Scheduled Maintenance: 13 Aug 2022 11am BST / 6am EDT / 3am PDT




Causal will be offline for about 30 minutes 11am BST / 6am EDT / 3am PDT on 13 Aug 2022 for scheduled maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance: 6 Aug 2022 11am BST / 6am EDT / 3am PDT




Causal will be offline for about 60 minutes 11am BST / 6am EDT / 3am PDT on 6 Aug 2022 for scheduled maintenance.

Folder sharing 📂




We are launching a beta of folder sharing in Causal 📂 tl;dr you can now share at the folder-level, similar to g-drive (more on the nuts & bolts of how permissioning works here).

It is currently in beta, so please treat with a degree of caution. Given it is a new feature you may also experience some issues (or have feedback), please reach out to us if you do!

2022-07-28 12.12.03.gif

Data source sync history




Causal now shows a full history of your data source refreshes. This means you're able to see a list of all previous refreshes, as well as: any new data items, categories, or category items, within each sync.


We're live on Product Hunt! 🚀




Causal began with a vision to reimagine how we work with numbers.

Today, 3 years on, we have 100s of customers running their business planning on Causal, and 1000s of Causal users across teams at organisations from 2-person startups to publicly listed companies.

A huge thank you to our fantastic team and customers for getting us here. We're excited to continue building with you for the next 3 years and beyond.

Please click here to check out our Product Hunt launch, join the discussion, and share the love!

Thank you 🙏



Comparison columns (e.g. YoY, MoM)




You can now add comparison columns to tables 🎉 This lets you easily compare the value of a variable across relative time periods (e.g. the prior month, the prior year).

The comparison is shown on a time aggregated basis too, if relevant. For example, if your model is monthly and you've set your table to Yearly time aggregation, a YoY comparison will show for 2022 vs. 2021, as well as each month (e.g. Jan 2022 vs. Jan 2021).

2022-06-20 13.28.31.gif

Category ↔ data source linking updates




Categories can now be linked to multiple data sources. Linked items can also be updated without breaking the link.


Important note: data sources with data broken down by categories will not work unless you link a Causal category to that data source. If there's a categories error in your model, it's likely this is the source. See our docs on how to link categories to data sources. Just matching your Causal category name with the name of the category in the data source will no longer work!

Highlight changes in change requests




Causal now highlights any changes made in a change request, and shows the previous formula/value if it was changed.

  • Blue highlight for a changed formula/value, or updated category item names or mappings
  • Hover to see the previous formula/value
  • Green highlight for any added category items or category mappings


Better pasting in Data Tables




Pasting into the data table is now faster, and works even when the data table is sorted.

To paste data in (e.g. from a spreadsheet), simply copy your data, then select your row/s, and paste (Ctrl/Cmd + V). Causal will "paste over" whatever row/s you had selected.

If you don't want to paste over what you have already in the Data Table, then create a New Item at the bottom of the table (you may have to take off alphabetical sorting if you have that applied), select that New Item, and paste over that.

2022-05-23 15.04.19.gif

More ⌘K/Ctrl+K shortcut options




On top of the existing functionality of cmd+K (or ctrl+K), we've added the following options:

  • Workspaces: show/hide visuals pane, switch between spreadsheet/visuals/cards workspace, move to model dashboard

  • Scenarios: switch between scenarios, add a new scenario, reset a variable to default scenario, and a completely new action: update variable in new scenario (creates a new scenario and immediately opens the editor for the selected variable).