Causal updates
Causal updates

Scheduled Maintenance: 9pm BST, 16 May 2021





Causal will be offline for approximately 5 minutes at 9pm BST on 16 May 2021 for scheduled maintenance. Happy Sunday!

Fiscal Years





We now support custom Fiscal Years — you can set the start month for your fiscal year, and when Causal aggregates months into quarters and years (in charts and tables), it will account for the fiscal year.

You can find the setting in the Workspace panel via the toolbar.

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We raised a $4.2m seed round led by Accel





We're very pleased to announce our $4.2m seed round led by Accel. We'll be using this money to grow the team and make Causal even better for you :)

Read more about it here.

Causal University Revamp





We've completely revamped Causal University, with new tutorial videos and articles on every single Causal feature.

Check it out here.

Find it anytime via the Help button in the top-right of the app.

Cash vs Accrual Accounting for Xero + QuickBooks





When connecting to Xero or QuickBooks, you can now choose whether to use Cash or Accrual accounting.

Faster calculations for Pro & Business users





We've upgraded our backend infrastructure — calculations will run faster for Pro and Business users. Enjoy :)

Generate a model from a data source in 1 click





If you want to build a model based on underlying data, you can now generate the model structure in 1 click.

In the Data Source Preview window, there's now an option to Create Model. This creates a new model with a variable for each line item of the data source.

Each variable is automatically named according to the line items, and is automatically connected to the line item in the data source.

Use this to quickly generate a skeleton for a model, e.g. a P&L model based on a P&L in Xero/QuickBooks.

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Adjustable inputs from other models





When you import a variable into the Inputs section of a model, that variable appears as an adjustable input in the Presentation dashboard.

Use this if you have a set of connected models and you want to create a single view from which viewers can adjust assumptions across multiple models.

Align axes on dual-axis charts





If you have a chart with a left and right axis, you may want 0 to line up on both axes.

You can now do this via the Align zeros on left and right axis option in the Advanced settings on the chart.

Keyboard Shortcuts





We now have an extensive set of keyboard shortcuts to let you navigate Causal more quickly. Click on the Help button in the top-right of the screen and navigate to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab to check them out.

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