CaseStacks updates
CaseStacks updates

Dark Mode 🌙





We've added dark mode to our case pages!

The toggle is located under the expand/collapse buttons (see image below).


The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + Alt + D

Bug Fixes





We've fixed these two issues:

  1. Cases appearing distorted on full screen.
  2. Completed cases were shown when "incomplete cases only" was selected on the call simulator.

Bug Fix





We've fixed an issue that caused the first image/series of some cases to appear small.

Call Simulator





We're excited to release our new "call simulator" with a few frequently requested features:

✅Shuffle cases from our courses to simulate the mix of a call shift

✅Submit your report before reviewing the case write-up

✅Progress is synced across the site


Shoulder MRI Anatomy





We've added a new scrollable shoulder MRI anatomy module, which was created by David Robinson, MD (MSK Fellow at Wake Forest).


New Year, New Ultrasound Course 🎉





We're excited to release our NEW ultrasound course!

✅ 75 Cases

✅ High-yield OB/GYN GI/GU & More

✅ Key Images

✅ Interactive Cines

✅ Sample Reports

🔓Unlock with a PRO plan (All imaging or Cross-Sectional)

Improved Case Load Times





We've listened to your feedback (🙏 thank you!) and have decreased load times with improved case compression. The greatest gains are in our body and chest CT courses where some of our larger cases are over 70% smaller. Site-wide we've decreased file sizes by approximately 15%.

⌨️Keyboard Shortcuts





We've added a frequently requested feature to CaseStacks — keyboard shortcuts. These are shown below & also accessible by clicking "K" on any case page.

Hopefully, this helps our power users move quickly and efficiently through cases. Please let us know if you have feedback!


Case Auto-Complete





Cases now auto-complete when you open them 👍.

💬 Let us know if you have feedback!

Program Director Dashboard Improvements





We've made improvements to the PD dashboard, which now shows how many cases have been completed at your program (total and for each user) as well as details on a user's assessment performance (including their prelim report and case-specific score, as well as the multi-institution average) for Assessment #1. We will roll out these improvements to the other assessments in the coming months.

Update: As of 1/1/2021, we've made these changes to all 5 assessments.

🔗 Demo PD dashboard

📧 Contact Us to set up a PD Dashboard at your program

💬 Please send us a chat message or email if you have feedback.